Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walk With a Cause

It was my first walk this year. My busy schedule did not permit me to participate in the KL Marathon held earlier. Plus I didn't have much confidence that these knees would hold up to the stress from the run.

So the closest adrenaline rush to a marathon was this charity run by Avon Malaysia.

When I signed up for the "Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer" Run sometime last July, I thought I was gonna be walking all by myself. Promoted the event on FB but there didn't seem to be many takers. It being held on a Sunday, I guess people had plans already made. Anyway much to my delight, that 1 later multipled to 5; my sister and her two daughters had signed up too and I managed to drag Nissa to come along.

This auntie all set...all charged to go. Like 2 weeks before the run, I walked almost every morning. Some days I did 4km, some days I only managed 3....

Nissa and Aliah doing jump warm ups

The Kinrara Gang - my sis and her two girls (and they were very competitive one lorrr...nak finish top 50 and they did of coz)

Crowd starting to build up (and while waiting to the celebs and VIPs we had to tolerate 3 rounds of zumba!! Katanya for warming up...yeah, but like THREE rounds??? In such a limited space to be shaking, shaking away?? Helloooo...organizers, pls be practical next time yar)

Can't wait to start dah ni....

Let's walk everyone!

Ehhh ehhh....check out who was in the crowd too ;)

Mommy and Nissa@2km mark

Nearing the 2.5km turn

Some were on roller blades

Pink sash...the BC survivors

Enter the Stress Free Zone...laugh, smile, no worries...just be happy

At the finish line...yesss...WE did it!! It was all fun last Sunday. The mood was not at all competitive; lots of smiling faces....cheering and picture taking for social media updates.

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Pi Bani said...

Oh, I always walk with a cause. Usually to get something to eat... ;)