Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tumirah On Leave

Someone asked me one day, "Who is this Tumirah? I've been hearing so much about her. Tumirah this...Tumirah that....etc." I won't say who asked, but gosh, Mister, you sure are one ignorant soul.

Okay, for purpose of setting the record straight, Tumirah is ME lahhhh. Me - the person who doubles as the maid the moment I arrive home after tugging and battling deadlines in the office. And Tumirah has been around since the whom-I-thought-tali-silaturahim-akan-berkekalan-selama-lamanya-maid left like 2 (or was it 3??) months ago.

And now after the many dreaded weeks of washing, cleaning, scrubbing, ironing, Tumirah is taking a break. Tumirah nak gi berehat (laaa gi lagi, bukan ke baru hari tu dok go jalan-jalan??) Penat tau and urat-urat dah bersimpul-simpul.

So, where is she heading??

Puasa is approaching, raya will follow suit. Jadi agak-agak where is Tumirah's so called nak berehat venue?

Mana lagi....sini lah :)

RT, RT, RT....that's what's gonna occupy Tumirah for the next couple of days. Coming together with her is Sutinah, an equally industrious corporate dame.

Let's hope there is no repeat of this lah kan.
But didn't someone cite this quote last time "Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist".
So how??


busymum100 said...

Tumirah "Balik Kampung"... Habis gaji Tumirah buat belanja... belanja jangan tak belanja!! Balik Malaysia Tumirah boleh cari lagi itu uang!

Have fun, Kay!! I've never been to Bandung (percaya tak???)

mamasita said...

Salam Kay..come back rejuvenated yes?!
If boleh, get me a nice saiz besar telekung...
Jannah bought one for me last year..cantik..featured banyak kali in my Umrah pictures..
Nanti I bayar balik..jangan free2 please!
And only kalau dan okay...Thank you.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Waduh Tumirah! Mau RT lagi? Bagus! Harus mendukong ekonomi bapak-bapak pengusaha di Bandung. Jangan lupa bawa pulang mollennya sih. har har har *evil laughs*