Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supir Yang Setia

A couple of years back when a few of us girls visited Bandung, we got little adventurous and moved around town in the public transport called Angkutan Kota. The school van like transport was not only cheap, but also in abundance. We never had to wait long for one.

We were couple of years younger than and keen to explore and experience life just like the locals. This trip however, we - both Muni and I decided we should do our trip in a santai manner. We wanted to rest and relax and enjoy the three days we were there. Hence, a supir (driver) was necessary.

I have been recommending family and friends if they ever needed transport arrangements when in Bandung or even Jakarta, do try out this guy - Pak Termizi. It was through my sister that I got to know him. She has used his transport services and had no complaints on him.

About two weeks to our departure, I texted Pak Termizi asking if he was able to make transport arrangements for us. He responded in less than two minutes saying that he was more than happy to oblige our request. A quote was given and we agreed on the rates. Package was for hotel and transport during our entire stay in Bandung. that settled.

There was a short wait for our supir after arrived at the Bandung airport last Sunday. I texted Pak Termizi and he said his supir was on his way. In less than 5 mins our young supir was in sight. He took care of our luggage and he drove us to our hotel in Cihampelas.

When we arrived at the hotel, I spotted Pak Termizi as he came running to greet us. Wahhhh the old guy whom we saw in kurta like attire last time is now all so smart looking in pressed shirt and tailored slacks!! A certainly more corporate look now, and both Muni and I were impressed. And he carries a Black Berry too!!!

We checked in and did our solat and in no time we were all set to hit the shops. It was then Pak Termizi told us that HE will be our chauffeur for the day and he would be driving us around in his own BMW. lucky can one get ya!!

Jadi tante-tante sangat lah suka hati nya.

"Mau ke mana Ibuk, " asked Pak Termizi.
"Pasar Baru..." cried both Muni and I simultaneously.

And the rest of the story??? Alhamdulillah, everything went fine. Agenda nya apa lagi lah :))

Our appreciation goes to those behind the scene who helped make this trip possible - our families, the financiers (ehemmm u know who u are lah kan), and not forgetting our supirs who obligated to our needs and requests during our trip.

Enjoy bangetttt deh!!!

This beemer of Pak Termizi's - leather seats with very dark shades all around. That night when he dropped us off at the hotel, other guests (Malaysians...he he) gave us this "wow" look yang memberi maksud "wahhhh...siapa kah mereka ini??? Datins???"

Heh...heh....kasi chance lah kami perasan yea!!

This bus carried tour groups from Malaysia. There were like 3 of them lined along the road. Bandung was packed with Malaysians and Singaporeans doing pre Ramadan shopping that weekend. many of these in Pasar Baru, a favourite and very famous (amongst Malaysians) shopping place in Bandung. We, however had to leave the kebayas only for the feasting of our eyes. Mana boleh pakai kebaya dah....obscene and akan mengganggu ketenteraman awam lah if we did kannn...*wink*

Too pretty to we got juga lah for friends yang berpesan.

Other stuffs that we got.....

More stuffs.....adeiii tak larat nak angkat dah. Sila di panggil-in Pak Supir nya!! we checked into this spa....bliss after being kneaded by expert hands of the masseuses. But not before some gentle reminder from our supir.

"Pak...kami mau spa ya."
"Bisa ibuk..."
"Tapi ibuk sudah solat?"
"Ohh...kami solat jamak aja pakkk..."

You see our supir was also concerned over us melaksanakan tuntutan agama. Alhamdulillah....

Our favourite...the nasi padang with its spread of dishes yang penuh whole table. Soooooo.....sedappppp the ayam panggang and daging dendeng!!!

Makan lagi.....the rice was wrapped in banana leave giving that ahhhhhh aroma.

Rumah Mode - an all time favourite FO of visitors to Bandung. We arrived here early but place was not opened yet.

Our supir, Pak Dadang said this to us. "Masih awal ibuk. Lagi foto-foto ya di luar. Saya mau dhuha sana dekat musolla." Ohhhh.......terkedu sebentar ibuk-ibuk nya!!! We all so gung ho nak ber-shopping, supir nya lagi gung ho nak menambah saham akhirat.

In the end, we ended up having latte at the cafe while waiting for the FO to open.

At the end of our trip, our juta-juta rupiah was reduced to only hundreds. Our luggage was pack to the max, but didn't exceed the 30kg limit...fuhhhh what a relief!!

One beautiful lady distributed this little pamphlet on our way out. She was promoting her slimming parlor. Ummpppp very interesting trip bisa di coba ya. Mana tahu, pergi nya ber-blouse longgar tapi pulang nya ber-kebaya ketat!!! (read: dream on...)

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tireless mom said...

Alhamdulillah... sudah lumayan usaha Pak Termizi. Ibuk ibuk di Malaysia turut gembira

Anonymous said...

Both you and Muni really had a nice time. Will contact you the next time I go to Bandung. I love the food and the cakes (not for me though) there. Nana DJ

Muni said...

Tq BFF for the wonderful time.... We really deserved it kaaaannn... Next trip... ? Kemana buk...?

Zendra-Maria said...

Semuanya gambar still saja Buk... Gambar Pak Supir nggak ada ya?

Kama At-Tarawis said...

how very interesting! nampaknya kena contact you bila nak gi bandung (yang saya belum lagi pernah sampai...)

Dzaitun said...

Kay-i love the foood-rasa nak terbang sana

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

Yes, we were extremely happy for Pak Termizi too. And makin heng-chem lagi dia deh ;)

kay_leeda said...

Dear NanaDJ,

Indeed, we both had a great time catching up and taking things slow and easy. Tapi ada jugak moments yg cemas like the time nak check in luggage at the airport masa nak balik. Takut kalau-kalau ter-excess luggage nya itu.

I'd be glad to share with you Pak Termizi's contacts, now that I have his BB Pin. Do give him a try :)

Oh...Muni & I love the food there. Cakes dia...macam biasa lah, harus bawak balik si Amanda tu :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Muni,

Good time we had kan!!! Worth the wait and battling all the challenges came prior the trip too.

Next trip??? Ummmppppp.....let's go up North and visit the King's Grand Palace!! I have a feeling Chatuchak and MBK are missing us tearfully *wink*

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zen,

Ibukkk kalo udah kali ke 5 visit nya ke Kota Bandung, ngambil foto nya udah malesss. Camera nya juga tidak di guna. Hanya snap snap guna BB aja.

Pak supir nya??? Waduhhhh pemalu sekali orang nyaaa. But u donch worry, orang nya ganteng deh!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Puteri,

Yessssss do go to Bandung!! But my advice is avoid weekends coz org tersangat lah ramai - yg dari Jakarta, yang dari Malaysia and yg dari Singapore jugak ada ibukkk.

I have Pak Termizi's contacts. Let me know if u need it. Or nak mintak I tolong bagitau ke dia boleh juga. :))

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Bong,

Jomsss kito buek trip poe makan-makan kek sanun. Ajak sekali tokey bosar tu :))

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Ehem...ada pantun dari Angelina (who's still hibernating)

Manis sungguh si gadis Nyonya,
Duduk di tangga makan keranji;
Mana kebaya mana kurungnya,
Janji masih tinggal janji.

Brad sampaikan aje. har har har *evil laughs*

kay_leeda said...

Dear Angelina,

Dengar pantun balas nya ya.

Jalan-jalan cari makan
Makan pulak tepi tangga
Kebaya kurung dah dicarikan
Tapi waduhhh dah di book tetangga :P

Tapi kan, kak Nissa kata kalau Angelina bawak mama dia gi minum-minum kopi ke, Mama dia ada lagi baju kebaya dia boleh korek-korek dari dalam bag dia bagi ke Angelina :P

edelweiss said...

wahhhhh kak kay...

soppin sakannnn! lepas nih buleh carik pak termizi lah untuk jadik supirnya... heheh