Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My YELLOW Weekend

Yellow it was, the color of our t-shirt for the group's last weekend retreat in Cherating. Like there was no other safer color, yes? Guess if our event was held in the KL area, all 40 odd plus of us would be hauled onto a police truck.

Thank God it was an away event.

We have planned for this retreat some time back. However, work commitments came in the way. Tender submissions, deadlines and others pretty much had the committee revising the event details several times. Upon much deliberation, we finally came to an agreement that the retreat to be held from the 8th - 10th July (which so happen to coincide which the big rally in KL).

I almost didn't make it. No thanks to the horrible migraine I suffered the night before. Faris had to drive me to the office that day while Mommy washed down painkillers that worked miraculously at keeping my head from banging over the weekend.

Tried the famous ikan patin during lunch at Temerloh R&R

A few of us, the committee members went in Boss' car, whilst the rest sat with equal comfort in the 40 seater cruise bus. Our destination was Holiday Villa Cherating.

To sum it all up, we had a great time - lots of fun carrying out planned activities games with the whole team. We also got down to some serious business - strategizing ways on getting the company striving towards greater excellence.

A pose just after arrival at Holiday Villa Cherating....work was obviously away from my mind :)

The beautiful Cherating beach

At sunset Mommy had that tad guilt tangle in her for not being with Nissa over the weekend :(

My group - the YELLOW BEES and we came out the best group overall...yeahhhh. Tengok lah siapa yg in the group kan...ehemmmm

The YELLOW ladies...imagine if we had gone out in the streets of KL in this color tee!!

Kat Cherating boleh lah posing pakai like this.....

Where we had our lunch on the last day....Warung Aziz Satar in Kuala Kemaman. Good food!!!

And cheap too....

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jul said...

asik berkelah jek Kay ni...jeles!

tireless mom said...

Lama tak pergi Warung Aziz Satar.. something that we will not miss when we drive to Kerteh. I think they should move the restaurant to the main road, baru lebih fofular!