Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moving Forward

The year is new, five days down and many more to go. Kids are back in school, all set for another year of facing head on challenges in academic pursuance. With one child sitting for a public exam this year, I am already getting butterflies in my stomach.

It felt rather awkward this morning when I wrote in my note book the new year – 2010. How time flies, in fact it zooms, a more accurate way of describing it actually. At the speed things are progressing, next thing we know first quarter is up; goals and targets would need looking into, and be reassessed for any realignment and readjustments.

Beautiful and colourful blooms of Ho Chi Min City

Ho Chi Min City - local fruits, rambutans anyone?

Talking about goals, targets and new year resolutions of any sort, do I have any for 2010?? Simple answer to that – NO. Being as unoriginal as the next person I could buddy with, I just did not want to bother drumming into myself about loosing weight, committing to putting more into my savings account, having control over those impulse buying etc..etc… I’ve tried doing all these for the past what, two, three years?? And not much has changed since. So why bother renewing these vows. Let it be…let it be…

Having said that, I do not want to go astray either. Thus, in my mind, I pretty much know what I want and where my focus would be this year. Alhamdullilah, I have started working on some of my undocumented goals. Tough…tough but the tough has to get going, no matter what.

View of Batang Ai Dam, Lubok Antu, Sarawak

Morning market in Lubok Antu

Moving forward, at times does require looking back. As I do leaps in 2010, I must not forget to look back at 2009; and indeed it was a great year. Many things happened both at the office and home front. Alhamdulillah, I was able to deliver what was expected of me, and came out with minor bruises.

Heavy beaded kebaya in Pasar Tanah Abang Jakarta.

Nasi padang indulgence in Jakarta

Shanghai's Nanjing Road shopping heaven

More shops on Nanjing Road

Year 2009 was great; lots of jalan-jalan, be it work or personal. With RTs thrown in at planned intervals, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. There was that trip to LA (Lubuk Antu lahhh…), friendly neighbors Indonesia and Singapore, and the other adventurous destinations like Ho Chi Min City and China. But the most memorable one was Umrah to the Holyland with my Mom and daughter Farah.

Masjid Quba, just outside Madinah

Along walkway of Masjid Terapung by the Red Sea in Jeddah

2009 was a year where I networked with more blogger friends. To be so up close and personal with sifu bloggers – Kak Teh, Mamasita, Kak Puteri and the rest of the gang was an overwhelming experience; one I will treasure close to heart.

Kak Teh & Kak Puteri....my Blogger Idols

So much power from these ladies...I thought I felt the floor shake that new year's eve at OU
Kak Puteri, Naz, Kitchen Guardian, Datin Mamasita & my favourite cup cakes are from none other than Zaitgha.

Northern beauties

It’s fun to look back, but it’s even more fun to look forward and I am confident with the positive outlook for 2010. No doubt life is going to be hustling with “excitement”, but come what may, and to quote Lord Vader, I'll “do what must be done”.

Have a beautiful and great year folks!!

Beautiful & great....just how we felt after that bliss at a hideout in Bangi. Betul tak Kak Teh?? Tak percaya, tanya Kak Ezza too. If tak percaya lagi, ask Nisa, Kak Teh's SIL.
No point asking me coz the answer will be a definite YES!!


Kak Teh said...

percaya, percaya!! I can still feel the soothing touch easing the tension from my shoulders! Thanks Kay for the wonderful experience and a stress free start for 2010.

Happy new year and God bless!

mamasita said...

Hai Kay..yes..I will take your precious advice..ni age move forward and I'm still behind time..must try and enjoy a very admirable schedule like yours!!
Churning money and spending it enjoyably!!Ibadah pun laju...my my..
Where do you get so much energy from a cilipadi size like you??
Thank you Kay..but you're sifuer than me!
Nanti you pun jadi penyambut tetamu for Hakim's wedding reception yer..you, TM and a few other makcik bloggers..surat perlantikan akan di hantar..hehe..17th April..in KL!

Chahya said...

Sis Kay,
wahh...I berkenan betul gambar yg last tu....hmm...I must plan for one to overhaul apa2 yg perlu hehehe.
I remember you were asking about kelas tafsir in my previous post...I'm sure there's a few in SA your place but I just want to mention to you that there's one at my place (same as Principle's) which I plan to go starting this week: Masjid AnNur, every Sat 9am. FOC.
Happy New Year.

Desert Rose said...

Happy New Year Kak...

wHATever your ressolution is....bawaklah daku HCMC plak selepas acara ronggeng di Tanah Seberang nanti kakakku...I rela

Naz said...

Here's a definite *loving life and living it* post. Let's hope there'll be a lot more rezeki and happiness coming your way, Kay.
Looking forward to hujung bulan. hehe!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Yeah, most of us tend to forget to move on and keep harping about the past. I'd rather dream of a rosy future because what's past is past. You can neither change the past nor turn back the clock. As we say it here, Soldier On!!! purrrr....meow!

Zendra said...

You did great, little lady. May this year be even better for you :)

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Wah! Saya rasa amat teruja melihat gambar2 ini semua, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang ayam serama. Happy New Year, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang tayar Good Year.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

I'm glad we managed to do IT :) If distance between London & KL is not a factor, I'm sure we'll be doing IT more often, and even the whole gang could come along too, right :)

Have a pleasant & safe trip back ok :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Churning money?? Sounds just like my cow in Farmville..heh..heh. Tak de lah sebagaimana yg you rasakan. I'm just and ordinary income earner, kuli je weh!!

Jadi penyambut tetamu...bolehhh. Kecik tapak tangan, Shah Alam stadium boleh I tolong bukak kan gates nyer..LOL.

Acara utk wedding nyer ader dah?? Selit ler joget lambak utk Makcik-makcik Blogger nih..heh..heh. I bet it will be a riot, siap masuk TV kot coverage nanti!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Chahya,

Happy New Year to you too dear. Thanks for the info. I'll try and make adjustments to my Saturday schedules. Hopefully boleh join you in the tafsir class. Gi sorang-sorang tak best lah. Seronok lagi with friends, boleh discuss kan.

kay_leeda said...


HCMC for RT?? Boleh...tak dak hal nyer. Harus lepas ni tukar initials jadi Kay RT. Isshhh...what have to done to myself???

kay_leeda said...

Dear Naz,

Life is short and we must make the most of what we have. I am hoping for more better days. Sudah tua lah, tak larat nak go bulldozing all the time.

Yesss.....we'll paint tanah seberang red ok!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

No, no regrets. Life is not about that, too short to spend dwelling with the "what if's". What's most important is to have the best that we can get with the ones we love, man & felines included.

You have a good week yeah, mate :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zendra,

Thank you for yr kind words. InshaAllah...inshaAllah in Him we put our trust and faith.

kay_leeda said...

Oh Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Wahh ke manakah hilang Pak Malim sekian lama menyepi diri, hingga sunyi comment box di Sembang, pagi hingga ke petang.

Itu lah Pak Malim, segan-segan dengan Makcik Blogger, yg suka makan burger. Cuba kalau sekali-sekali join kami, kata Kay yg kemaruk nak makan mee :)

Happy New Year Pak Malim, this year jangan pura-pura jadi alim tau...nanti jiwa kacau :)

ms hart said...

Kay! Mula-mula ingat malu nak leave comment, tapi bila nampak Pak Malim Si Kucing Ray Yang Alim, tak tertahan-tahan beta nak ketawa!!! Memang pasangan berbalas pantun yang sangat ideal! I meow u, u meow me, gitu!!!

Happy New Year, sis, and stay you - ceria, energetic and kind-hearted, as always!

kay_leeda said...

Ms Harrtttttt....ku merindui mu!! (sila nanyi macam iklan kat tv tu eh..)

Tu lah pasangan yg tak dapat dipisahkan eh..daku & Pak Malim :) Lepas ni kalu ader kerja kosong suruh jadi pembaca pantun ker, all my hands and feet up. But kena pair dgn Pak Malim lah kan...(ader prihatin ker Pak Malim, jangan selalu jalan-jalan kat kantin eh..;))

But you knw, Pak Malim ni very baik hati one. Let's hope dia tak malu-malu kucing lagi dah lepas ni kan. Semoga ceria semula blogging world kita, iyer tak?

SOHO Mama said...

Kak Kay..banyak betul berjalan tahun 2009..alhamdulillah!
I'm quite the opposite..I NEVER had any new year's resolutions, but have had certain goals(konon less pressure that way) but this year I want to write it down. Tapi itu pun tak buat lagi..so ada chan jadi macam tahun2 dulu jugak. NO resolutions :P

busymum100 said...

Nicely put, my fren!

I baca blog you regularly, tp most times tak sempat nk komen...

kay_leeda said...

Dear SOHO Mama,

I think it doesn't matter much if we put it in writing or not. As long as we have a clear conscience as to what we want to achieve. Of course when it's penned down it carries more weight. Hari-hari tengok, macam akan buat automatically guilty if tak buat apa-apa abt it lah kan.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Busymom100,

Love yr presence at Sembang. Understand very well the feeling of wanting to pen something but can only afford to pass thru. I have been doing the same at yr blog tu. But yrs has lots of interesting pictures and all sorts of hobbies that I could learn from.

Happy New Year neighbour (as in FV and SA :))

about kitchen guardian food said...


I nak kena tengok balik new year resolutions ni...anyway i must confest that I had a blast with you and all during the makcik bloggers meeting, that cant be traded with anything :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear KG,

Indeed our meet was a blast!!! Should to this more often eh?