Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letting Go

"Don't know where to start about what's wrong with corduroy.." said Miranda of "Sex in the City" to her bartender boyfriend. They were talking about how to dress appropriately to a dinner function organized by Miranda's legal firm.

Hey...if I was the boyfriend, I would have replied her that I like corduroy. Not kidding, I have a few cords hanging there in my closet; from jeans to skirts and even a jacket which I could not fit into anymore, want to give it away, but....so sayang nyer.

At every attempt I make clearing my closet, I'll go through this same "yes, you go", "no, you stay" or "maybe yes, maybe no" kind of decision making. It's so difficult to make that call. And as a result of that, my closets are filled to the brim. My build-ins are probably screaming at my wrong doing, how I abuse them, hanging more than I should on the already giving away hanging rod. On top of that, everyone in the house is complaining that he/she has little space left to get clothes organized. And it's all due to my blatant space invasion act. That's what they claim lah....and me, well, I simply can't see what they are fussing about (still in denial as always...)

Anyway, to proof their claims wrong, I made good progress over the weekend. Spent the entire Sunday clearing old stuffs, packed them in boxes and all ready to be taken back to MIL's place. I leave it up to her to have them distributed to anyone she thinks deserves our hand me downs. Most of the clothes are still in good shape and some hardly worn. I remember one corduroy overall which I got for Nissa when she was three years old. It is navy blue and has small red floral prints all around she skirt, one very sweet piece. The last time I deliberated whether to give it away, took it out and put it in back again. This time, my mind is set; it shall go to a new wearer.

Another accumulating guilt...kain!!! Entah bila nak send them for tailoring..sigh.

As I accumulated the "yes, you go" and "no, you stay" pile yesterday, that horrible guilt gush came disturbing; all hands and toes point my way as if telling me "my oh my...you sure know how to empty your purse!!!" Unfortunately, I still have no good answer to that. They say old habits die hard, do they not? Until I get that department sorted out, guess I'll continue making more space for others in the house, well that's the least I could do lah kan....


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

kadang2 kita kena pejam kan mata untuk cakap no pada baju dan kain kain ni..kalau tak rumah kita tak ubah macam kedai bundle tu...penuh kain jer..
Aziz pun ada cakap...buat apa nak sayang ,,,kalau dah boleh pakai..sedekah jer kat orang yang memerlu kan..ini bekalan dalam kubur nanti....bila dengar macam ni...sejuk gak hati....

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Kak Kay, 2 months ago, the besi penyangkut hanger in my baju kurung closet patah.. My husband said itu tandanya I terlalu banyak baju kurung.... Ada ke ? Can we have too many baju kurung ? What poppycock..!

So sekarang berlipatlah semua baju kurung I... Kejam...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Kay,

Phewww & I tot Ah Soh’s the only one of her kind that have this hoarding problem. Every item got sentimental value one leh. And what about those items/clothings that u bought becoz they were on sale (too good to pass up a bargain) but never got worn once, still got their tags on. She oso got fetish for plush towels too & her collection of those ‘souvenired’ from hotels not to mention shoes, handbags etc..My mind boggles how u (yes u) women need sooooo many of this stuff.

Heheheh I confessed I got a thing for corduroy too, they’ve got this static electricity feeling about them that give u tiny spurts of sparks, so darn exciting.


P/S – Kay, be strong, give them all away to charities & u can then start restocking all over again mah. The thrill is in the journey itself, not the destination. (very deep tot, kan?..hehehe)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
My Mama has a friend who will wash and iron every piece of clothings she's giving away to charity. So sweet, kan? But of course, there are also mean people who gave those that can be called "kain buruk". You can send yours to Mama's office in Kl, you know. purrr....meow!

Desert Rose said...

i C WHAT U MEAN exactly, this hubs of mine has been nagging me to do the same, n typical me just procrastinating as always, in denial

hazlin said...

salam kay,

that's a nice piece of material. nice color too..kalau yg tu nak sedekah, sedekah kat i.. he he.

MrsNordin said...

I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It feels good now that my wardrobe ada more space for new clothes!

Bila pegi Bandung tu nanti, ingat2 sikit, ok? :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Ezza,

Yes, I can't agree more with what Abg Aziz said. Memang dah tak larat melihat kain baju setimbun banyak nya bukan main. Isshhh..masa beli tu tak ingat kan!!

At least bila sedekah kat orang tu, dapat gak kita berkat nya :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cik Puan Kamil,

You know my besi dah pernah patah before!!! Tak larat kena sound about how I have abused that poor closet. Nasib baik the men in my house are DIY geeks. They can't stand broken, dislocated things. Fuhhhh...I consider myself lucky lah tu kan. Or else, I'd probably be worst off than you. Mau ader baju yg lipat dalam luggage kot...LOL!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Tommy,

Fren...who u sayin' not strong here? Me very good girl lah. I'm doing my best giving and distributing my stuffs for charity and other needy folks. And will continue doing this, God help me here..heh..heh :)

Wahhh..yr ah soh oso like towels ka?? Bet she oso fancy bedsheets and lines kan?? You and my lo-kong can form a club lah. He oso pok pek pok pek at me when I cannot keep by hands off them stuffs in the household dept. So teruk kan we all ni??? I am definitely gonna put in more effort at keeping my impulse buying habit at bay. Memang lah it's gonna be one spiritual journey.

Heh.heh...I can imagine your "satisfied" look in yr corduroy!! Cool it man :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

Such a lovely lady yr Mama's friend. Menang lah kan...if nak bagi, make sure yg elok. I hv seen tau, some peeps using clothes donation drive as their way of disposing old and undesirable stuffs. Tak baik kan...

kay_leeda said...

Dear DR,

Don't keep yourself in denial too long. Trust me...susah untuk berbalik ke pangkal jalan. Been there done that :)

Happy Closet-ing gurl :)
Err...got such a word ka "closet-ing" ??

kay_leeda said...

Dear Hazlin,

Heh..heh...you like?? I oso like so much lah...how ah??

kay_leeda said...

Dear MrsN,

Ohhh siapa kan yg telah memecahkan rahsia yg bukan rahsia lagi tu??? Ehemmmm.....shyyyyyyy...shyyyyyyy :)

I have been given stern verbal warning by the Finance Minister. But there are ways to write off these warnings, we have ways to write off lah kan... *wink*

mamasita said...

When you stare at the lot in your cupboard and buat stock checking those you jarang /tak pakai but are still in the cupboard..you'll just terduduk, bersila, mengeluh or pengsan..

Dump dalam plastik beg and just anta balik kampung..at least bila you balik sekali sekala nampak jugak somebody tengah parading your baju.
Jangan dia buat selimut lembu kambing sudahlah!!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Commiseration to all my long suffering ‘heng tai’ ‘Lo-Kungs’ that have to put up with their ‘Lo-Poh Tai Yan’ better half idiosyncrasies bcoz of our undivided blind love & devotion…hehehe.

Oso Salute to Rosie’s & Yen2’s lo- kungs, cannot imagine myself in their shoes, high maintenance & so fierce looking one leh???……hahaha.

ummi365 said...

No wonder you were missing from FB world last weekend.. hahahaha

pejam mata je and letak tepi, pehtu masuk kotak.. hahahaha

i ada banyak cadar2 lama kononnya nak buat mega projek, seluaq tidoq. but then it has piled up sampai macam klcc, akhirnya i passed it on to the weekend helper. ikut suka dia nak buat apa, kain buruk ke, nak buat alas meja ke.. hehehe

itu belum lagi towel2 lama yang kononnya nak jadi kain lap dapuq.. they are still waiting for me in the closet for me to cut them into small pieces and send for edging. tapi kain lap dapuq beli jugak yang baru.. oh women.. !!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

You are so right. In fact I have seen my "baju kurung" walking right infront of me :) But sedekah ikhlas..elok lah others benefit kan pulak kan.

When I saw my own doing tu...my oh my...rasa terkedu. Hopefully lesson learnt. Penat wooo mengemas!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear, dear Tommy,

Haiya...no need to say lorr, memang you good lo-kung ooo. That undivided love from the time eyes transfixed on auntie will be there till eternity wooo :) Lucky auntie, yes!!

Har..har now that you mentioned Rosie & Yen2, I recall my conversation with my lo-kung that day. He said, cannot imagine lah if wifey's most frequent vocab is "buy, buy, buy". Women, he said. I told him, hey...me not that bad lah. He stressed again, "WOMEN!!" Apalahhhh....

kay_leeda said...

Dear Ummi,

The absence from FB was intentional. Dok lah 24/7 hooked on it. Nak try experience life with less dependency on FB. Ohhh it's tough :)

I think you & I, we hv same DNA trait when it comes to buying stuffs. Baru je cakap tak mau hit the mall, yesterday telah berlaku satu quickie RT. Haaa....macamana tu?? Stress je...pi mall, stress je beli barang. Isshhhh....ni nak kena rantai kaki sendiri ni kot...LOL

bella said...

Hi Kak Kay,
I did my spring cleaning of my wardrobe a few months back, and I put up photos on my other blog. these are for those who knows me to pick and choose mana yang dorang nak. I did put some price there to avoid having just abt anybody mintak free, but actually I tak jual pun, hehehe, kasi je to those yg I kenal. Nak sedekah, I pernah approach some places and they did say, baju kami dah selalu dapat, sedekah something else la.
Kain ni, mmg saya pun suka beli jugak Kak, sama masalah kita...sayang...tapi, I think my sisters and Mak suka bila I give them. Kadang2 tu kain tu "in" masa kita beli, bila time korek keluar balik, dah over trendnya...sigh...masalah betul org pompuan ek...hehehe

SOHO Mama said...

Teringat masa my father in service dulu..ramai askar2 pakai corduroy pants masa keluar 'weekend outing'..sebab they all tak boleh pakai jeans rasanya..