Monday, August 17, 2009

A Confused Jumble

Try make out which is which of these mass of confusedly interlaced cables. I got somewhat carried away at snapping utility poles in HCMC. Looking at these pictures now, I gasp in a state of ultimate bewilderment. Thank God we don't find such mess back home.

A common sighting...dangling cables.

All mixed together, bet the maintenance guy has fun doing his job.

Standing under these cable gives you the creeps

But none of the rest can beat this one.......definitely one of its kind

A closer look....that's some tangled mess they've got up there!!!


mamasita said...

Hahahaha..grotesque tourist attractions! You ni ada jer kelakar..

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Indeed it was!!! I was looking like a fool going under the poles snapping away. The intention was to show them to Abe. Haaa...tengok how creative his counterparts in Vietnam can be...har..har :)

Laracroft74 said...

Mr Z & Mr H harus buat visit tengok wayar yang berbelit2 tu.. pas tu we can tag ourselves sekali.. jimat duit tiket & hotel.. siap boleh borong satu HCMC pasal ada extra luggage... cantik sugguh idea ku...hehehe...

kay_leeda said...


Whoooaaaa...sungguh bernas idea mu itu. I loikeeeee :)

MrZ has seen the tangled cables. You know what was his response?? He said we should thank ourselves that T*B ader good work standards and such things don't exist here. Adeii...suami ku yg cita-cita nyer still mahu meng-convert ku menjadi seorang IR. Uhhh..tak kuasa akakkkkk. Kalu jd IR, pasti tak dak RT weiiii!!!!

busymum100 said...


So what was the total "damage"?

We stayed at a hotel a couple of doors away from the Bombay Restaurant :-). There's an Indian lady who speaks vietnamese- looked strange to me. I didn't know of the other halal outlets though :-(.

When we went last year, DH booked only ONE "checked-in" baggage for both of us, so I had to be contented with hand-carried only :-(. Berkenan sgt telekung, tp tak muat beg...

kay_leeda said...

Dear Busymum,

Damage?? Err...I'm too shy to tell. Perhaps if I told you that we had to pay extra for the excess baggage that would somehow give you the indication, of our "investment" in Uncle Ho's land :D

Ohhh that Indian lady could have been Dr Shimi. Halal@Saigon opened about 6 months ago. Which month last year were you there? Maybe it wasn't operational yet.