Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Assorted Visage of Raya

A good one week of festive celebrations has passed with Syawal marking its 7th day today. Now that most of us are back at work, the days will even fly faster.

However, before I get all worked up with the overwhelming commitments both at home and the office, I do want to share these assortment of captured images of my dear ones at Raya.


Mom at home

Alim and Ilham

Alina and Nissa

Mom and my cousins - Datin Jem & Kak Midah

BIL - Shah, cousin - Jenal & ABE

One big happy family of the Jenals, the Jamaludins & the Dato' Zuls

Dato' Ambassador & Pak Dr

Nadhira - Pak Dr's #1

Nissa & Auntie Yatie (who made the girls extra girly that morning..)

Mrs Dr & Fuad Najmi

Ammar Al-Baker, bro Ali & Alim

Cousin Jan, my sis Shamilah (heavily pregnant at that time, delivered her #3 yesterday) & Ammar Al-Baker

Farah & little cousin Nadhira

Faris, the Abang to all the adik-adik

and last but not least, the Zuls

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.


tireless mom said...


I miss raya. Just want to lepak and makan. And let the 3 bibiks do everything. Well I reward them with good duit raya what!

kay_leeda said...


Wei..keje laaa!!

Actually ah, me also no mood to work, but me got tonnes to finish and clients are already breathing down my neck. Just now boss sms saying got presentation to minister. What a life!!

Can or not ah, have 3 maids, 1 driver and 1 full time masseur?? Crazy me....crazy me. This is what happens to you when you have only 4 hours of sleep in two days. Bengong & mengong dah!!!

MrsNordin said...

Nice pictures! So nice bila berkumpul ramai2 macam tu, kan?

Now, get back to work!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Amboi the girls ada make-up artist!

Thanks for sharing the pics. All of you look great!

kay_leeda said...

Mrs Nordin,

Not often we get to meet, only at Raya. Itu pun nasib baik this year everyone was home for the festives.

Good to hear that you are in better control of your cravings. I had spaghetti for lunch and tadi bila back from work, Bibik said she prepared Briyani for dinner. Makan lagi lorrr.

This makan thingy has to stop really :(

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Yes ler, the make up artist offered free services - in the spirits of Raya, I supposed.

Hope you are feeling better.