Friday, March 4, 2016

Greece Adventure Day 2 - Climb The Acropolis Part 4

By the time we finished  doing the Parthenon, the winter sun was up. The warmth of sun made the walk pretty pleasant. In fact  it didn't feel like it was winter, felt more like spring. 

We decided to take a  break. Found an empty bench nearby and took out our packed sandwiches to fill up our already growling stomachs.  

Can't think of any better spot for a pit stop than this one looking right at the Parthenon

After refueling, Nissa did her signature jumps

And Abe started paparazzing....

After everyone was happy (read: kenyang...) we walked to another main highlight inside the Acropolis - the Erechtheion. This is a sanctuary  made prominent by the Porch of the Caryatids with the six maidens supporting the southern portico.

The Erechtheion - an ancient Greek temple constructed on the Acropolis between 421 and 406 BCE in the Golden Age of the city  to house the ancient wooden cult statue of Athena.

Porch of the Caryatids where the real stars of the Erechtheion are the Caryatids or korai as they were known to the ancient Greeks.
The caryatids are female figures that serve as the architectural support for the entablature of a building.

Gigantic columns on the eastern side of the Erechtheion.

The Erechtheion was definitely an intricate temple. Beautiful and captivating; photography can't do justice to its beauty.

We couldn't stay long as the sun was already piercing sharp. Time to go. Time to say adieu to the Acropolis. 

One last shadow play with her furry friend on the Acropolis

Bye bye...Athens from up above the Acropolis

Nike saying byes to (Temple of) Nike

His way of saying good bye

Our way in was also the way out.

The Acropolis was by far one of the grandest of sites that impressed us more than we expected. There is a spirituality to standing atop the Acropolis that neither time nor cynicism can destroy.

Definitely worth the climb...a must do if you are in Athens!  

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