Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Greece Adventure Day 2 - Climb The Acropolis Part 2

Since we were rather early, getting tickets into the Acropolis was a breeze. Perhaps winter is also not peak time for visit. Tickets were 12Euro for each adult and Nissa got to go in for free. Yeahhh....she belonged to the category of young people, under the age of 18 with show of  Identity Card or passport to confirm the age.

Olives vegetation on the foot of the Acropolis Hill

Entrance to the Acropolis complex -  all of marble.

All excited to go in. There’s so much expectation there, especially when you’ve seen so many photos of the Acropolis and now you are going to see it for for self!

Climb up the final set of stairs

What you'll see on the Acropolis Hill
The Acropolis is a great sanctuary of ancient Athens. It is dedicated primarily to its patron, the goddess Athena. It is the most celebrated myths of ancient Athens; all related to its greatest religious festivals and earliest cults.

The history of the Acropolis of Athens is long, with moments when democracy philosophy and art flourished, leading to its creation.

After we climbed the steps emerged a scattering of ruins that lies around.

After climbing the steps you are at the entrance, or the Propylaea, which was completed in 432 just before the outbreak of the Peloponnesian wars.


The main architect of Propylaea was Mnesicles. He used Pentelic marble and the design was avant-garde.

Superb architecture

Architectural splendor and engineering marvels

The roof of the Propylaea

If the column could talk.....

Everything that had been visible from a distance was now in front of me - just as seen photographed in the postcards.

Simple breath taking....these unique masterpieces of ancient architecture combine different orders and styles of Classical art in a most innovative manner and have influenced art and culture for many centuries
To be continued.....

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