Friday, March 4, 2016

Greece Adventure Day 2 - Climb The Acropolis Part 3

As we were the few earliest visitors to the Acropolis complex, we took our time viewing this fortified citadel and state sanctuary of the ancient city of Athens. While walking to our next destination we imagined how magnificent it must have been during its glorious days. The many people who have taken the same path we did;  people like Alexander the Great, Plato, and Socrates just to name a few.

Careful steps at this slippery pathway. Perhaps it’s the strain of supporting so many visitors over so many thousands of years.

Moving forward we headed directly to the Parthenon. The temple of Parthenon was dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of the Ancient city of Athens.

Parthenon is one of the most most famous buildings of the world. It was constructed at the initiative of Pericles, the leading Athenian politician of the 5th century BC.
Pediment of the Parthenon.
Detail of the metopes at the Parthenon
Elaborate Doric column of the Partnenon
Feeling just great to be at the Parthenon where it had everything from a temple, treasury, church, and mosque.

Found a Parthenon furry friend
And a very serious one this friend.....
Sprawling Athens from the Parthenon from the lookout point near the Parthenon
  A Greek flag at the lookout point

It has weathered time and man as such extra pampering does not hurt.  Restoration works on the Parthenon making progress.
The Parthenon we must say has its aesthetic appeal that emanates from the refinement of many established norms of Greek architecture. There was just so much expectation here and nothing beats being present and seeing how real it is with your very eyes.

 to be continued....

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