Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vicious Attack

Mosquitoes - who would imagine such pesky nemeses could cause great havoc in our family this last one week or so. What started with intense headaches, feverish spells, severe joint and muscle pain and exhaustion later led to one most unbelievable finding - dengue!! 

Hero #1
Faris was the first casualty. That Sunday night when he picked me up at the airport, he complained of the bout of headaches he's been having over the weekend. Next day it got worst and he went to the GP to have it checked. At the clinic, they did a blood test. Later that evening, his blood test results came back and it was tested positive for dengue. The GP quickly prepared the guarantee letter for him to be admitted at KPJ Hospital. I was at work when Abe informed me of his development. Next thing I knew, I was on the way to the hospital.

The moment he was in the ward, the nurses started him on the drip and got series of tests done. Tubes of his blood samples were quickly sent to the lab for more conclusive diagnosis.

Hero # 1 was down and Mommy still in denial.

Hero #2

Abe was supposed to be away on work assignment. That morning before I left for work, I saw him packing his suitcase. His movements were slow and he didn't look like he was at all excited to leave for Curryland. I thought it was because of my last minute tag-along-cancellation that got him upset; leaving him with little motivation to proceed with the trip (perghhhhh....perasan kann!!) Well, if only some (incompetent) people didn't mess up with the travel itinerary.......

Anyway, it's all history now. Close book. Fated. Tak de rezeki nak ke Bollywood again.

And nak jadi cerita lagi, he too fell ill. His headaches and sore joints became worst. Topped by chess pains lagi! And all these got him going to the clinic. Just hours before his departure, the GP asked to stay put and declared that he was not fit to travel. Doctor prescribed some medications and asked him to continue resting at home. This was quite a blow for him. First time in his nearing 30 years service with the power company, he experienced such an adverse misfortune.

Two days later came the second whammy. His blood test confirmed the cause of his aches and pains. Positive dengue jugak!

Abe checked-in to the same hospital; just two rooms down the corridor from where Faris was.

Hero # 2 was defeated and Mommy turned into Nurse Florence.

Mommy as Nurse Florence had to put a brave front. Couldn't possibly show the two heroes how worried she was. Close family members and friends on FB helped calm the squirms in my stomach. And this “not-giving-up-nurse” dutiful prepared soup ketam, rebus bayam, starfruit shake, 100 plus - the popular food for remedy suggestions received from friends near and far for her patients.

My office was very understanding on my situation. I was away for three days and during those days I was either hanging out in the hospital or preparing food for the duo. On a few occasions I had to run to the pharmacies, hunting for some ointment or cream to help ease the patients' pain. It was nerve wrecking tiring!

Looking back how, Alhamdulillah, the trying times have passed. Both heroes are recovering. Abe was first to be discharged and two days later Faris was allowed to return home. They are both making good progress and today Abe has gone back to work.

Bila ingatkan havocnya last week, macam tak terpikul di bahu. Ya Allah, itu baru sedikit ujian dari mu; your reminder to us of your innumerable blessings. Ya Allah, if compared to those with greater tests in war torn countries or plagued by droughts and famine, apa benarlah yang kami lalui ini.

I believe all these that happened is full of hikmah. Thank you God for helping us re-align our purpose and priorities. His grace upon us, as well as His eternal mercy and compassion, we should always be thankful. Our body, our health, our rezeki are all the great deal of evidence showing profound and great love of Allah. Kita adalah hamba Nya but He has such great love for us. Subahanallah.

To my love ones, this was Allah's test on us because he loves us and wants to bring us closer to him and his religion. This was His reminder for us to be better Muslims. To face tough and difficult challenges in life with faith put on Him. Some challenges may be difficult to overcome, especially when the odds are stacked against us. Go against the odds, have that "never quit" attitude in life. InshaAllah, by observing patience, remembering Him and turning only to Him for help and guidance during such times, He will be there for us.

To all friends and acquaintances yang tidak jemu-jemu memberi words of encouragement, offering their doas and prayers for the our safety and well being, from the very bottom of my heart, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you thank you so much for being there for us.


edelweiss said...

kak kay,

i was admitted last week on tuesday for few days .... dengue jugak ler...

sebelum tuh seminggu dah demam, panel amik darah 2 kali semuanya okay tapi demam x baik, makan x boleh, minum x lalu...adoiii seksa.

second week, ke spital, msk emergency dehyrated teruk.buat blood test, ultrasound (gall bladder bengkak) etc....

tapi alhamdulillah sekarang dah okay.

kay_leeda said...

Salams Edelweiss.

Oh you too??!! Gosh the boys at home have just the same symptoms like you. Hope you are getting better. Take care dear.