Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Afternoon at the Palace

At the reception counter of the hotel, we saw some brochures that said FREE tour. Interesting, so we inquired about it.

It was free alright. The rides to tourist spots were free but we still had to pay for the entrance fees. Fair lah kan?

So we signed up for the tour to the Grand Palace. The last time we were in Bangkok, we didn't manage to visit this grand place. This time we definitely do not want to give it a miss.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel and waited at the lobby for our pick up. Just a short wait and our ride was at the door. We shared the van with a few Indian guys who were also from the same hotel.

A must-see sight in Bangkok - the Grand Palace - dazzling and super spectacular

Where do you hail from?

A mural on one of the Palace walls

Very artistic and detailed pillar top

One of the temples in the Palace grounds

Hanuman on guard

More decoratives

One of the heavily Hanuman guarded temples

And another temple..... 

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