Monday, July 2, 2012

Delayed Updates

Now that I am back to the USJ office, lunch is more colorful. Just next door there is a mall – one which is just about the right size for lunch time browsing and be back before the boss pops up at your place for a meeting. Since it is so close by, it is also the place where I'd bump into who's who (read: secretaries) in the company whose usual predictable way of greeting you would be, “Ehhhh....lama tak nampak!!”

I can be ultimately boring when I choose to be and with them I usually will not present any "sparks" that would trigger more conversations. So my standard reply would be, “Ohhh...I baru balik ke office sini. Was in CJ at the Mxxxx office for the last couple of months.” Jawapan biasa kepada soalan biasa. Orang tanya, kita bagi jawapan lah kann. And this means that I am pretty much under their radar. Dah tu kalau semua bende buat dok update in FB, of course lah the whole world would know kann... 

Dushhh...dushh...I can kick myself for this gatai tangan with my FB updates.

Anyway, last week I bumped into one of the girls and she commented that I ni dok lah travel sakan, gi sini and gi sana. Errr....betul lah tu. Can't dispute what she said lah kann. She said, “Hamboiiihhh sakan travel nooo....kejap Trengganu, kejap Siam, kejap China....” else should I reply her other than just  smile :) :) :) 

Ummmpppp.....entah macamana, this year macam terlebih pulak dah quota berjalan-jalan nih *wink*

And because of the extra millage that I have put in, putting these travel stories on the blog has become rather challenging – very slow pace if not none. As always during the travels, I took lots of pictures; the intention was to uploading them onto the blog with stories to share. 

But.......niat murni itu tinggal niat murni sahaja coz' I have not managed to do so for many of my travels. There's the trip to Bangkok with my BFFs in end of April (hah tu diaaaa....berkurun yang lalu!!) and followed by our trip to Beijing and Tianjin recently. And trip to Osaka and Kansai area last February pun belum habis cerita jugak. Ohhh sungguhlah banyaknya pending. 

Anyway, in this posting, I'll get started with some photos from my trip to Bangkok with BFFs Muni & Jupe. Though it was a just a short trip, it was a good one packed with makan-makan, shopping (of course) and catching up with our routine yakking :) 

Bangkok Trip: 30 April - 2 May 2012

The taxi that took us from airport to our hotel Evergreen Place Bangkok. For a while it made us feel as if we were in London!

After checking in, we headed straight to MBK - Bangkok's most legendary shopping mall. Located about 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

This is also where the BTS National Stadium station is.

With eight floors packed with 2,000 shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather products and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, stationery and DVDs, it was very difficult not to get distracted. 

Only this kept us from straying away......FOOD!!

We had lunch at a muslim restaurant called Yana. Located on level 5. 

Food was awesome!! What we ordered was just perfect for our hungry stomach.  

Next: The Grand Palace Bangkok

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