Monday, January 9, 2012

Kick Start 2012

It is down to just four of us in the house now. The two elder kids have gone back to college and with school back in session, Nissa's schedule is pack to the brim again. She's now in Year 5. My oh little baby no more this girl. She has grown so much – bigger and already as tall as I am (but Mommy is petite (ohh yeah??), so I guess this does not make a good height comparison). When we went to buy her school stuffs late last year, it shocked me seeing the size of her school uniform. Even more shocking was her school shoes - those size 8 looked so gigantic on her feet.

We also have a maid now. After those many months of slogging and struggling with the house chores, Alhamdulillah, it was God sent when this Bibik came to us. It's kinda a long story how Bibik ended up at our place. Nonetheless, I am glad that there is someone helping out in that department. I am so relieved that someone will be home waiting for Nissa and ensuring she takes her lunch properly after school.

Bibik being new into our household, has quite a bit of catching up. I wouldn't say she's at par with my super duper Bibik Ton, but so far things are pretty much under control and the house is back to normal. Laundry is cleared daily and there are no more clothes bundled in the basket waiting to be ironed. The lawn is nicely swept and my work clothes are neatly pressed every morning.

I almost forgot how good it felt being the Ma'am again. Just like the other maids we've had, I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that this one will work out for us. If in the last 8 months, I have been going against the odds shouting out of frustration that we don't need a maid in the house, ohhhh now...I hate to gulp the truth that in actual fact YES WE DO!!

Sad....but true......and left with no choice I am.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Alamak! Tumirah sudah resign ke? Or in hibernation? Kami doakan supaya jodoh dengan Bibik ini berpanjangan....amiiiinnn... purrr...meow!

edelweiss said...

bik tumirah tiada lagi....ini bibik sutinah ajer yang tinggal ...waaaaaaaaaa. i tatak geng lgi woooooo

mamasita said...

Nothing beats having a helper in the house..even a non working mum like me tak daya.
I hate the stress, the rush and the routineness.
Like now, age has made mopping and vacuuming a back breaking chore.
With the geng of cats, memang God sent ada part time cleaner.
Thank God you finally have found a maid.I told you so remember? hehehe
Nissa pakai kasut size 8?
Then she'll be ultimately more than 5' 4" in height nanti..InsyaAllah.