Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Are Home

Home sweet home!! Yes, we are back in good ole Shah Alam after our slightly more than a week break in Paris and London. Encountered minor hick ups here and there but nonetheless, it was a wonderful trip.

Jardin du Luxembourg - located on the 22.5hecters public park in the 6th arrondissement in Paris - a palace built by Marie de Medicis, widow of King Henry IV.

A beautiful statue located on the square opposite Les Invalides with The Eiffel Tower in the background.

The Panthéon - very close to our apartment in the Latin Quarter.

We loved both the cities. Nissa loved London more than Paris for reasons she'd rather keep to herself (but deep down I know she likes Paris too...if she knew French!).

Our apartment in Paris 110, Rue Monge - the one with dark brown doors

Statue of Winston Churchill on the grounds the Grand Palais (Great Palace) which is now a museum.

Took lots of pictures, will upload them later - hopefully time permits me to blog about the trip. Must now go organize my notes from the iPad. Looks like it will be a bit of a wait till that happens. But here are some pictures first of the two lovely cities :)

Busy London streets

In the background the National Art Gallery in London. It overlooks the Trafalgar's Square.

Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace and the Big Ben - view from River Thames.

Am all set for work tomorrow. I am not expecting a grand welcome home reception, but I do wish for a calm couple of hours to settle down before I battle any (possible??) storms brewing during the time I was away.

Ahhhh...the London Tower Bridge


Anonymous said...

isnt the last pic is the tower bridge?

btw, welcome home!

Teeneeweeney said...

Lovely pics!! Wish I had a longer stay there too...sigh!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
London Bridge is falling down...falling down....falling down...
Eheheh...nasib baik tak fell down masa Nissa lalu situ. Ehem...ada ole-ole untuk Angelina? purrr....meow!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Anon@11.59pm

Oppsss...yes that the London Tower Bridge. Crossed too many bridges and now mixing up the names.

Thanks for pointing it out :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Teeneeweney,

Go again...go again... Spain Portugal perhaps in June ;)

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Tau lah you best student masa preschool and you could sing the song very well.

Nissa siap lompat-lompat atas brigde tu. Nasib baik tak terjun ke bawah :P

Ole-ole utk Angelina?? Ehem...nanti Brad jeles :P

suraiza said...

Like Like. Pics all cantekkk. Spt biasa, Pinjam 'File' okay hahahaha

edelweiss said...

waaaaa huk huk huk....i miss london!

cepat kak kay tak sabar nak baca nih...

kay_leeda said...


File kalu nak pinjam kena ada pengeras ;)

Of coz you can, sis :))

kay_leeda said...


Missing London?? Go back...go back...
Panjangggg cerita ni ya, so kenalah tunggu sikit ;)