Tuesday, November 16, 2010


If my grandmother was still alive, she would have been impressed, I think. Why would she not be? There's just much excitement about doing Hajj now compared to the time she did hers. To begin with, travel to the Holy Land is much faster than the time she went on her pilgrimage back in the 60s. In her stories she elaborated how long and tedious was the boundless voyage to Mecca.

Back then they all sailed in one big ship, embarking at Port Swettenham and would only see land like about a month later. All in all the Hajj journey took about three months, two of which was spent on sea. I was still a little girl but I recall vividly Mom helping awrah Uwan prepare for that one journey of a lifetime. In fact the trip was paid from the little by little savings Mom made from the time she started work as a teacher.

Had been me, gosh how ya? Can't imagine what would happen; I'd be bored in no time and perhaps at the next port of call, I would abandon ship. So unlike mereka-mereka yang sungguh kental iman ini.

I wonder when arwah Uwan was performing Hajj did she get to send news on her well being to families back home. She was illiterate, so she couldn't have written a brief message on her own. Perhaps she did with the help of others. Again, had it been me, how would I have reacted? No keeping in touch with the loved ones back home? Itu lah bezanya orang sekarang from orang dolu-dolu; sungguhlah kental semangat mereka para tetamu-tetamu Allah ini.

GPS for the ole buddy here perhaps??

The story of present Hajj is way, way different. One of our friends who left on the second last flight for Jeddah slipped his iPad in the bagpack alongside his ihram, head-wear and other whatnots. His Blackberry was his closest companion. Minutes before this departure, he was BBMing away with his daughter who is based in Bangkok. Sungguh tech savvy, bakal pak aji ni!! Nasib baik tak update FB status too *wink*

When asked, "iPad tu nak buat apa bawak Cik Din?" His simple reply was, "Baca Quran la babe..." Caya lah Cik Din, thumbs up!! And perhaps I should realign my methods of reading the holy book too...

Available in Farah's bag during our Umrah last year - her camera & mobile

Indeed this calls me too revise at my Hajj/Umrah checklist now. Perhaps in my next Hajj trip (IshaAllah....bermohon sangat-sangat pada Nya moga-moga dipercepatkan giliran & sihat tubuh badan untuk kesempurnaan beribadat), along side the telekung, tudungs, clothes peg and hangers that could rotate, portable chargers and other tech gadgets will cram my luggage as well.

Despite all the gadgets and live media feeds, the feeling is just not the same like being there amongst the crowd. Missing this place so very much......

Out of all the countless bounties and the blessings that Allah has given us to enable living our lives in this world, the greatest and the most important is that He has guided us to the true meaning and purpose in our lives.
Islam is not just one gift among many; it is the choicest gift of God.
(Al-Maidah 5:3)

Warm wishes on this Eidul-Adha to all. May Allah grant all wishes and answer to all prayers. Amin.


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Hi Kay,

A friend of mine is in Mekah too at the moment and she updates the situation there almost every day in her FB. Yes, Hajj is no longer an isolation now. The whole world can join you in your pilgrimage with all the technologies available. Some may scorn your actions, but then again everything is subjective and personal, right?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and your family. Have a great day tomorrow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear MTTNMore,

Yes, same here. I have friends who are at Hajj and they are constantly updating their status on FB. It definitely helps in knowing how they are coping with their pilgrimage. Relief huh for their families when knowing everything is in order.

During my last Umrah, I managed to update the blog twice when in madinah. It felt great being able to share my experience.

Rest assured my BB will be with me during my next trip. How lar to go about sans BBM?? But all must be done moderately and not getting in the way of the ibadah, that's most important.

You have a good Eidul Adha celebration tomorrow too. Selamat Hari Raya :)