Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nissa's Y.E.B

Nope it's not YES (year end SALE, that is) but it's a YEB - year end break. "School's out!!" shout the kids. But Moms and Dads are at wits end trying to figure out how best to keep them happy for the next 6 weeks or so.

I for one have no plans whats so ever yet. Nissa has whispered to me how she would like to spend this year end school hols. Some activities are pretty trivial, doable by everyone in the family. However, some may have to wait a little longer till Farah finishes her SPM exam in December. And yours truly will be preoccupied with ASEAN camp kicking off tomorrow. So the question is how do I keep this nine year old entertained when there is practically no one available to entertain her.

On her last day of school she told me that her friends are criss-crossing the globe holidaying. Amongst the names of places mentioned were Gold Coast, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Bali and others. When she asked me where are we heading to, I just smiled. And Nissa being Nissa, she could tell the difference between "a berisi smile" and "an empty smile". Tough huh? Having a nine year old in this Internet age. Ohhh yes.....she knows how to check ticket price and flight schedules on AA now. Soon I can no longer give her that "no flights avail" excuse coz I bet she'd double check on my info.

I'm hoping her trip to Kuantan with Abe next week will keep her travel bugs at bay for a while. Stressful isn't it? It's like living under the same roof with your boss (OMG...that would be really, really scary!!!)

So Nissa...chill okay :)

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