Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finders Keepers

When the MPV pulled into our driveway this afternoon, little did I expect to discover a motorbike tucked neatly in its trunk. Motorbike siapa and how on earth did it get in there?

I checked with Abe and there was a long silence. Hahhh...tau dah, ni mesti "collection" from his visit to one of our rented out properties. But a full bloom motorbike, apa cerita nih??

Our tenant in the PJ house had given notice to move out last month. His reason was he had finally bought a house and will be moving to the new place. Fine with us, and the next cause of action was to put up a House To Let notice.

We got a new tenant pretty fast. And early in the month, the new folks moved in. Abe did some repair works on the house and in no time it looked good for its new occupants. Now comes the best part and this happens almost every time we prepare our property to let. Without fail, whenever we check the condition of the house, punya lah banyak barang-barang previous tenants yang left behind. Macam-macam yang we found; dari cans of ikan bilis goreng kacang to old clothes to stoves to magazines to workout weights. The list gets longer each time a tenant leaves and the time spent for cleaning up gets longer and more tedious too.

Cuba kalau overseas, cari pasal lah if nak buat perangai like this. Silap-silap security deposit tu hangus!! It makes me sick in the stomach every time I make my visits. Just because it's a rented property, to them tak perlu lah nak keep it clean and in good condition.

"Pecah and kopak sana sini tak pe....bukan rumah aku, " that could probably be their attitude. Of course we have to repair the kopak-kopak here there when they leave. And a lot of times we never deduct anything from their deposit.

Anyway, back to the motorbike (ohh jauh nya digress...)

Beats the daylights out of me if the previous tenant was running away from something ke atau just plain not bothered. Several calls made to him remained unanswered and text messages pun tak response. Abe could have just left the bike at the house, but it was getting in the way for the new family who is beginning to settle in. And tak kan nak biar kat luar rumah kan. What if it goes missing? Jadi terpaksalah help to store the darn machine at our home pulak.

I checked the bike and it looked pretty new. No keys of course, but Abe said the locks can be changed (ohhh boleh eh??) The tenant owes us some rental money still, but tidak lah sebanyak harga sebuah motorbike.

Jadi nak buat apa dengan bike ni now? Simpan? Ishhh....menambah sesak in my driveway je. I have asked Abe to keep contacting our old tenant. Tell him to collect his harta and let me have my driveway back. Should I give him a time frame or nak biar je it sitting there (dengan ihsan....)?? Really inconsiderate kan....grrr

So if you guys tetiba je nampak ada couple ni naik motor...jangan la gelakkan ya....dapat motor free bebeh!!


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Jangan lupa pakai helmet tau! purrr....meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Yer tak yer juga.. kena tukar kunci..kena beli atau pinjam helmets ... kalau dah beli nanti the owner came back and reclaim the bike.. dah bertambah lah barang dalam store..
Kena settle baik baik dengan previous tenant.. motor tu tak ada kunci, tak ada grant.. a big headache ni..

Anonymous said...

Lucky thing your house is not thrashed like my friend's. You are right, try leaving your junks at your rented place overseas and they will deduce cleaning and clearing bills from your security deposit. Over here, even if you ask for deposit, they make sure they will not pay the rents equivalent to the deposit. So you still have to foot the bills for repairs, utilities etc.

Pi Bani said...

Motor dah berapa bulan tak bayar hutang kot?? Or motor curi? Nanti jumpa kat rumah you, you yang kena tahan dek pak polisi... ;)

jabishah said...

Hi kak kay. It has been a while... :-) How hv u been? Well, I expected to read another post of your travel. The last I was here you were doing the colombo. (Been bz with my little biz ;-) ). But knowing that you hv a bike now... Cool tu!! So, mana dah merempit? ;-)

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

No worries Angie, kita pakai full face helmet lagi. Alang-alang nak merempit....huuaaaaahhhhh :D

kay_leeda said...

Ayah Wan,

Memang nak settle dengan tenant, tapi dia buat bisu je. I am personally not in favour of motorbikes. Bahaya plus kecut perut nak naik....

kay_leeda said...

Dear NanaDJ,

Don't know why is the attitude as such. When I first came to KL, we stayed in a rented place in Bangsar. We treated the place is if it was our own. Paid rent on time. Ni tak...dah lah rental pun segan-segan je nak bank in, they wrack the place when they leave. Siapa tak geram kan...

kay_leeda said...

Pi Bani,

Yup...that's my fear too. Kita tak tau motor ni apa history dia kan. Tak mai ambik jugak...ishhh kang I lelong kat Mudah dot com kang!!!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Ja,

Yes...long time no hear from you. Happy to know that things are kicking off well for you.

Merempit??? Hu hu...I ni bukan ler brave sgt nak naik motor. Kecut perut bila selisih dgn other vehicles!!

zafi said...

You made my day!! Nice entry.. hihihii yeah I can't agree with you more regarding the deposit. Like here sah2 hangus bila buat hal with landlord! Thanks god coz my landlord tak amek deposit at all.. :D
Memori daun pisang for you naik motor eratkan hubungan chewaahhh :)

AuntieYan said...

Salam Kay,

Auntie suka yang last part tuh...couple naik moto. Macam Kay juga, Auntie pun takut dan kecut perut naik moto. Rasanya adalah sekali dua saja kot naik moto...ha!..ha!

Berkenaan rumah sewa pulak, Auntie pernah sewakan rumah Auntie selama 17 tahun...alhamdulillah penyawa semua ok cuma yang last saja buat masalah. Penyewa sebelum penyewa last tu, punya le baik, bila dia keluar, dia siap ganti pintu dan cermin yang pecah, cat semula dinding yang anak-anak dia conteng....yang paling best, dia naikkan sewa dari RM450 keRM 600...macam tak percayakan???? sebabnya dia kata dia dah duduk lama Auntie tak naikkan sewa, sedangkan rumah lain dah naik sampai RM800....syukur...semoga dia dah keluarga murah rezeki. :-)

Penyewa last tu pulak,tinggalkan bill api RM200, tak tak bayar pembentong dalam RM 500...geram betul...tapi akhirnya dia settle juga bill api dan dia buat bodoh je tak bayar bill pembentong....tak pe le, Auntie halalkan saja. :-)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zafi,

It's so different overseas of course. You are lucky your landlord takes no deposits. Pls do not take his/her kindness for granted. Keep up with the good malaysian standards, yes!

Naik motor = memori daun pisang?? Ohh tidak ler wouldn't wanna see me on a bike. Menakutkan okay!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Auntie Yan,

Sama lah kita, I've had my equal share of good and rotten tenants. Kalau dapat penyewa yang elok tu...hai sejuk jiwa raga kan. I know how you feel.

I had a tenant yang dah lah tak consistent with her rental payments. Bila kita mintak macam-macam je alasan yg diberikan. Yang "hangat" tu dia boleh pulak mengata about me to my hubby. Haihhhh....memang nak kena. Last, last I chased her out from the apartment. Just couldn't take it anymore - 4 bulan rental tak bayar and cara dia marah-marah. Jadi reverse pulak...macam dia yg landlord....chesss!!