Friday, December 25, 2009


The first cucu of the Tadin-Ambon clan tied the knot after Friday prayers today. Yang nak kawin tak de lah kecoh, kepoh sangat. It's US the aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents yang excited lebih; first wedding lah kata kan.

I went back to Shah Alam to pick up the guys last night. Farah and Nissa opted to stay at Mom's together with TM's children. I didn't realise how exhausted I was from the Singapore trip until this morning. After Subuh, I had wanted to close my eyes for just a little while. Instead I woke up at 10.00am!! Punyer lah rushing nak drive back to Seremban. And today being a Friday, there was Friday prayers to rush to for the guys. Nasib baik sempat sampai Seremban on time....fuhhh...if not sure ader jugak yang kena pok pek pok pek!

Alhamdullilah, after a short tahlil prayer, the akad nikah ceremony was carried out by the bride's father, witnessed by close family and friends. A simple do, and in sekali lafaz my niece Amalina telah bergelar isteri to her handsome and dashing groom, Amrin. The off white colour theme was chosen to signify ketulusan hati and cinta agong them both. Cantikkkk....

Standing in line, Mom, my uncle - Datuk Kassim, US - aunties of the bride, happy couple Ayang & Amrin, my auntie - Mak Yan (late Abah's sister on wheel chair) and mother of the bride, Datin Jamilah furtherest right.

Congratulations to you Ayang and to Amrin, welcome to the family. To Datuk Zul & Datin Jamilah...relax yer, one ceremony down and one more to go. We know you both must be the happiest parents today :)

The basket full blue white bunga telur with lurv from Auntie Kay, TM & Uwan Timah

Mom and my other siblings made bunga telur for the pelamin. Mom yang very gung-ho at making them blue and off white flowers. Infact she started making them way back in October. I remember that time when she was in my home during my China trip, she brought along all the "perkakas" for her bunga telur making. Yesterday I helped her to isikan the telur and arranged them in the basket and later sent them to my auntie's house, where the akad nikah ceremony was to be held. Like I mentioned earlier, makcik-makcik nyer yang excited. Siap half load of the bunga telur, upload on FB!! do you explain that, huh?

My youngest aunty - Zizah and her cucus - Alina & Nissa

We are bunking at Mom's again tonight. The reception is tomorrow at a club in Seremban 2. Faris had keyed in the address and got the location map to the venue on his mobile. I told him there is a map on the card, but he insisted on doing the GPS thingy. Okay....bagus lah tu, hopefully tak ler sesat esok. We have to be at the club early coz' both Abe and I have been given the kepercayaan by Datuk Zul & Datin Jamilah to receive guests at the reception nanti. Fuhhh...cuak jugak ni...coz bukan semua relatives yang I kenal. Nak-nak folks yang dari our parent's kampung. Tak kisah lah kan....if ever I'm in doubt, address je them by "acik", the most common and safest way to go. I know Abe will be depending on me to advise him on who's who. Wey...please lah don't put too high of an expectation on me. I pun blurrr gak most of the time..heh..heh.

My sister, TM and hubby have gone to test suara tonight as they will be the emcees at the reception. So nampak nyer...memang usaha sama kami "Adik Beradik and Co" and other cousins who will be frontliners at the reception tomorrow. Uuuisshhh.....suspence gak nih!!

Gotta sign off now. Nissa has been breathing down my neck wanting to use the notebook. It's serving time at Cafe World she says. If I read her facial expression, she really looked desperate, iyer lah kan, penat-penat masak and then food goes basi!! Oh yes, if anyone of you wonder what on earth is Cafe World, let me put it in these two words - Facebook game.

Enjoy the good weather and have a splendid weekend everyone :)


Kak Teh said...

kay, we too have been busy with wedding of my nephew and mak cik-mak cik pengantin yang sibuk sangat and had lots of fun. we have another one in March ...Insyaallah.
selamat pengantin baru to the newly weds.

Naz said...

Oh! meriah...meriah!
Selamat Pengantin Baru.
(psst! lawa baju kurung you...)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Angelina takde baju kurung. Pinjam Aunty Kay punya boleh? purrr....meow!

muni said...

baju lawa.. ini yang beli kat mana ni ..??

lovely wedding..

kay_leeda said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Glad I managed to speak to you just now! Yes, we'll get ourselves "fixed" next week :)

This wedding is the first from the many more to come. And US the makciks are not getting any younger!! Lepas wedding, adei..sengal sana sini. But I must say we had a really good time, seronok campur gembira, macam-macam adaaaa... :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Naz,

It's always gumbira time when the family meet up. And we were loud too....memang gempaq majlis..heh..heh.

Baju lawa?? Heh..heh...orang lama kena lah dazzle kan dengan baju lawa :D (uisshhh perasan, tak gittew??)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Angelina,

No worries babe, Aunty Kay has baju kurung yg I could pinjam you. Habaq saja nooo. Then you get to parade those baju on your beautiful & silky fur. Sure lagi menawan, iyer tak??

kay_leeda said...


Har..har...ini lah baju yg mix & match to the max. You wouldn't believe the trail where they came from. The top was a selendang from one of my Indian cotton suits. Like the one you have too, it was big enough to make a baju kurung. The bottom was the kain boing-boing from HCMC RT. Yang beli kat pasar yg we traveled 5km from the city tu.... And got it tailored in Shah Alam!

Har har..berkat usaha...tha daaaa :D (another perasan statement!!)

mamasita said...

Hai Kay..waah training dah siang2 untuk your girls punya wedding later2 yer..

I gumbira you gumbira!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Me practicing for my girls?? Ayooo...takut lorrr kot, kot tak boleh meet expectations. Actually, my MOM memang boleh di rely on for all these wedding preps. Me ni sibukkk & menyibukkk je always :)