Thursday, December 10, 2009


To my FB friends who have been following my status updates, I apologize for my past few days of merapu-ness. My day one and two@ASEAN Camp were my most hectic and crazy. First, the team had to deal with lousy Internet connectivity at the camp venue. Then there was our server that decided to behave funny. I was switching modes between content specialist to project manager to even a technical assistant.

Visualize a pressure cooker full with steam coming out; that was how exactly I felt. Rasa nak jerit ada, rasa nak cabut power supply cord pun ada, rasa nak belasah orang pun ada. Macam-macam rasa ada, and where else was the best place to do the curahan perasaan, if not in Facebook.

My FB status read like these:

Monday@5.02pm....DJ's spinning "I will SURVIVE" yeah...just what I need to keep on movin, moving!
Tuesday@12.59pm...status at lunch time "I wanna nobody nobody but YOU!!"
Tuesday@5.54pm...status at day two evening break..."hahh....senam tari cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia!!" Kasi kluar ittiew asap skit... :)
Tuesday@10.33pm....tak tau napa...bila dgr lagu folk dance from Vietnam ni...rasa macam nak book flight gi HCHC je!!! State of mind at the end of day two...WENG!!!

Kalau lah my Mom ada FB and read my status postings, harus dia dah pening memikirkan apalah yang has happened to her daughter. No worries folks, things are much, much better today. And that's why you don't see "crazy cries" in my FB status anymore. For those of you who saw my morning status today, I'm sure you felt it was less freaky coz it was " four of tshirts, khakis & crocs :)"

There's just one more day to go; am keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, before I sign off, enjoy this song from the Wonder Girls, a South Korean girl group. We've been playing this song off and on during the camp, to get the kids hyped up a bit. Imagine lah how kami-kami yang so under pressure ni felt...kaki dah goyang-goyang, lagu dah boleh nak lompat-lompat disco....tapi...tapi....had to trouble shoot. Geram jeeee.... ha..tu yang tercetusnya FB status "...more of "I wanna nobody, nobody but YOU!!!"


Zendra said...

Bila nak buat camp untuk makcik-makcik? Buatlah spa untuk urut2, untuk facial, untuk mandi wap, ada karaoke, ada movie theatre, ada poco-poco, santai kat pool, makan-makan, enjoy-enjoy... besnya, takde tensen2

mamasita said...

Today I betul2 takreti nak bagi komen..nanti berjangkit from your previous merapu flu kat FB..I tak main FB tapi germs tu boleh enter cyberspace!!

I angkat both hands! Sokong idea Zen!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zendra,

Wahh...this sounds like a tall order!! But I'm sure it will be so much fun..all fun & pampering activities at the makcik's camp.

You are giving me ideas; wait ah...let's see what will the output be. Project Makcik Bloggers 2010?? Tunggguuuuuu..... :D

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Merapu ni is contagious, that I can agree with you. Alah...create je your FB account. Then you'll know how notorious some people (read: ME) are at status updates. Buat kopi tulis, mengorat policeman tulis..semua cerita letak kat FB status updates :D

Kama said...

haa! projek makcik bloggers tu sounds interesting tapi janganle kena set up camp dalam hutan banat mana ekk. seumur hidup i tak pernah tidur dalam camp, takut ulorrr... EEEEEEE!

kay_leeda said...

Ohhhh...idak ler dalam hutan Kak Puteri!! I pun tak mau tido dlm hutan. ( ASEAN ni buat kat golden triangle KL lorrr) Buat kat Cyberview lodge ker, best kan?

I was thinking we could hv talks on creative writing, multimedia skills and even a treasure hunt using blogs. Can selit kan tazkirah by uztaz and then we relax, do spa, manicure & pedicure of that sort. A weekend thing yg kita boleh go for some kind of a retreat. Amacam??

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
My Mama had done the Cyberview Lodge thingy with her school chums, they also did one right smack in KL - PNB Darby Park, penthouse, sleeping in rooms facing KLCC...yeah, got massage, facial, mani/pedi etc... What about the Japanese garden at Colmar? They have those bungalows with spa. Practically sleeping in the jungle but no snakes lurking around. purrr....meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

Yes...I've also done PNB Darby park & the Ascot. Wehh....teruja habis ni!! You think if we have a Makcik camp here, your Mama would fly home tak? Another content for the camp perhaps is on "how to lurrvvv and purrrr the right/effective/productive way" (how ever one looks at it lah kan :))

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Kay & friends,

Please let me know if your Project Makcik Bloggers 2010 Convention need some Nip / Tuck procedures & botox injections activities, I’ll be most happy to cater to your needs.

TGIF Have a Good One


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oops sorry, I was supposed to put this more appropriate makcik version:)

Makcik Bassey

IBU said...

Oh well...the status is supposed to capture what's on your mind. So if those were what on your mind, let it be... we'll look at it as the mind speaking thru the fingers.

Alamak...does that mean, my mind is numb? Or fingers on strike? Coz my fb status has been blanked for quite a while.... LOL!!!!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Tommy,

Actually BOTH videos will work fine for us. Ehh...dun ingat we Makciks and we cannot boogie yah!!

As for nip / tuck procedures & botox injections activities...err me so scared of needles, and I'm sure the other Makciks feel the same way too. Looks like we'll do it the old fashion way...SWEAT it out...heh..heh :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear IBU,

I'm kinda crazy at status updates. Perhaps it's my way of seeking comfort, whenever I need to "speak" to anyone, I'll go tenyeh my BB. I sincerely hope I'm not menyemak-ing FB friends' home page.

You on FB? are doing fine :)