Tuesday, December 29, 2009


With only three days into the new year, running low on ideas, I must say I am left with limited titles to give to my postings. Although this posting is titled with such expressions of emotions, I must say this it most apt at describing what happened at the wedding reception last Saturday.

Both Abe and I "reported for duty" early for Amalina & Amrin's wedding reception held at the Seremban Golf and Country Resort. There were not many guests yet; it was just us - the family members. Weather was good that day, not too hot and rather windy. So being in fully lined baju kurung wasn't too bad. The theme was purple, but I didn't really have a purple, purple outfit, and I didn't have the time to go buy material and get it tailored. Hence, something somewhat purple would do lah....

Told him to go get a hair cut, but he fussed. Later I discovered that long hair is so in fashion now!!

Invited guests started to arrive around 12.30pm. Some I didn't know who they were, so tak pe lah, I greeted them, salam-ed with them and guided them to the area they were to be seated. Memang lah tak cut to be in PR line, jalan cepat je, sampai ader old folks yang mengah-mengah trying to catch up.

Colour theme....rainbow mix :)

When relatives from may parents' arrived, there were lots of "Ohhhhh...." Mana tak nyer, some tu I have not met for ages. "Ohhhh......budak ni rghupo eh!!", "Ohhhh...bosar dah anak kau!!!" - two very common lines mentioned to me as I received them.

Look...both Tuns pun baju matching-matching one....

So ramai peminat....so ramai paparazzis

After the "Ohhhhhs..." came the "Ahhhhhh...." and this I witnessed when our VVIP arrived. Everyone was so excited when the seven series beemer pulled into the driveway accompanied by police outriders. "Ahhhh....they are here, the Tuns have arrived!!!" When introduced to Tun, I held out my hand and he reached out to shake my hands too!!! Ahhhh....dapat shake hands with Tun M and it felt so lembut and very warm too. Ahhh...everyone was so delighted!!!

Then when the bride and groom arrived, it was "Wahhhhh...so pretty, so dashing and wahhh...what a lovely pair!!"

Tapai pulut balut dengan daun apa tah... But sedappp!

Haa...ni makcik yg tak lepas BB dr tangan. Kejap-kejap update status in FB

It wasn't till Tun left that the few of us at the main reception area left our post and head for the buffet line. Food.....ahhhhhh, what a relief!! And so, that was how the day went, fascinations aplenty, heaped with interjections of all array.

Congratulations to both pengantin, from all of us :)


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Isnt't that tapai pulut balut dgn daun getah? Usually that's done in Trengganu. My Mama said that's yummm yummmm but "kucing tak boleh makan, nanti habis bulu gugur".
Anyway, everyone looks so sweet and cantik-cantik. Yeah, keep one baju or two for me, OK? purrr....meow!

mamasita said...

Kay..purper karor??? Its the favourite theme karor everywhere laa..semua manis manggis!!

Anak bujang you punyerlah macho looking!

I lurrrrvvv tapai pulut! Boleh makan 2 dulang like in the gambo..and muka masih tak kemerahan lagi tuu..hahaha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Kay, pls har change title of post. Soooo misleading lah, false advertising, got me so excited for a moment macam tu Meg Ryan in ‘Harry met Sally’; ‘I’ll have what u r having’…hahaha.

Common lah that u called ‘long hair’..tsk, dulu I long hair sampai shoulder length mah; kena use VO5 to shampoo lor!

BTW, nice wedding photos, always a pleasure to see lovely young people get hitched.

All the very best for the New Year 2010 to u & the family.Stay Cool!


hazlin said...

salam Kay..

so.. how was your 'girls' holiday?
hope you girls had a good time..

wah, anak bujang you... tentu ramai peminat ni...


SOHO Mama said...

Kak Kay, it was nice meeting yesterday :)
BTW, I think Cat-In-Sydney betul, my MIL kat Terengganu pun buat tapai guna daun getah. Kalau kat2 rumah I ni, orang jual tapai dalam plastik bulat2 kecik tu je ha haa..
I love tapai pulut..love it more with vanilla ice cream :)

kay_leeda said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney,

I don't it was daun getah they used for this tapai. The leave was small, and only sejemput of tapai was in it. But it was good. I like tapai too, so far bulu still tumbuh..har har!

No worries, baju kurung can keep anytime for you :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

I like purple, but I don't think I look very nice in too much purple. Nanti jadi Prince pulak - purple rain :)

You too another tapai fan?? Makan tapai nyer je Datin, air tu kasi letak tepi, not unless nak dapat free "high"..heh...heh. Lepas ni kita buat MakcikB party must go do it at a place that serves tapai, yes :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear TommyYewfigure,

Ha ha..gotcha!! Errr what were you imagining, I wonder when you first saw the entry title. Notty, notty you aaahhh.

Yes ka, yr hair dulu lagi panjang?? I don't quite like the messy look in my youngins. But they tell me, Mess is in, Mom!! So how??

Happy New Year to you too. May 2010 be filled with joy & happiness for you and yr loved ones.

kay_leeda said...

Hai Hazlin,

I apologize for not reverting yr YM message that day. Whole day was crazy.

Happy New Year to you & family too. All the best for this coming year :)

Anak bujang I??? Urrgghhh...tak larat. Dalam pada org kata macho tu, boleh juga sakat the adik till menangis si kecik tu!!! So how??

We all ni saborrr je lah...

kay_leeda said...

Dear SOHO Mama,

It was my pleasure meeting you too yesterday. We were some awesome bunch, weren't we?

I guess it's difficult to go look for daun getah these days for tapai making. That explains the use of plastic containers. My mom is a good tapai maker, and she uses the plastic containers too. Senang she said and handling them is easy.