Saturday, July 11, 2009

To My Daddy

Hi my name is Nissa Maisarah. I don’t have a blog yet. So I am using my Mama’s blog to wish my Daddy a wonderful birthday.

His birthday was yesterday 10th July. I didn’t get the chance to write this earlier because Mama came home late from work. She got a cake for Daddy and it was delicious.

These two songs are for you Daddy.
Enjoy “Happy Birthday” and “My First Waltz” on the piano by me.

My First Waltz


Naz said...

Awwwww.....Nissa, you are a sweet darling!
I hope your daddy had a great day. With you and your siblings around, I think he has a great day everyday. Stay cute, honey! :)

mamasita said...

Hai Nissa.
We'd like to be your very jovial and boisterous pack of friends.And so we'll join you by wishing your great Daddy "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" lupa nak old is your daddy-o??

tireless mom said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Daddy

From Aliah, Ayna, Ali, Alina and Alim

99 first days of Datuk Seri Najib as PM ye?

Nissa Maisarah said...

Dear Auntie Naz,

Thank you for your wishes. We all had a great day celebrating his birthday.

Have a wonderful Sunday Auntie.


Nissa Maisarah said...

Dear Auntie Mamasita,

Yes you can be my friend. Thank you for your wishes too. Daddy turns 48 this year.


Nissa Maisarah said...

Dear Auntie and 5 Aces from Kinrara,

Daddy Nissa says thank you for the wishes. Cake ada lagi. Datanglah rumah kita.


ms hart said...

Nissa, you are so sweet and thoughtful! Glad your mom made it home from Malacca right in time to celebrate your daddy's special day! Ada bunga api ke tak?;-)

Nissa Maisarah said...

Dear Auntie Hart,

Thank you & many thanks for your wishes. Mama sampai rumah lambat jugak malam tu. But kita orang sempat cut cake with Daddy. Tak de bunga api lah.


alyn said...

Hi Nissa,

Please wish Uncle Daddy,'Happy Birthday' speacially from Alina. Nice song..Lain kali ajar Alina eh.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Lyn,

Thanks for yr wishes to Uncle Daddy. Nissa dah tido, so auntie yg reply on her behalf.

Boleh... nanti Nissa ajar nak main lagu tu eh. Kak Lyn datang lah Shah Alam. Boleh main piano sama-sama dgn Nissa :)