Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exam Treat

School can be cruel at times. I received a call from Nissa when I was away in Kota Tinggi, saying that she came out second last in class!!! She was upset and I was frantic. Since I was away, I didn't want to make matters worst. No point screaming on the other end. Told her to calm down and we would talk when I came home.

When I came home a few days later, apparently she had gotten over her lousy spirits and was her jovial self again. Me the "kancheong" Mama, obviously wanted to know why was her performance so bad. After the "probe" session, she revealed that two of her papers were not taken into account. They were English and Pengajian Islam. Remember that day when she fell sick and missed these two papers? I thought her teacher had allowed her to sit for the exam on the next day. Well, she DID take the exam but they were NOT counted towards her total marks, even when there was a legit MC for her absence from school. The exclusion of the two papers pulled her percentage and positioning her second last in the class.

Knowing this upset me further. I had these two questions for her class teacher. One, why get her to sit for the papers when teacher wasn't going to include the marks. And two, if teacher wasn't going to include the marks, why can't the cummulative marks be divided by the number of papers Nissa took in the exam. Adding the two papers and giving zero mark would surely pull her grades!!! Adeiii...cikgu ni pun...for heaven's baru Tahun Dua lah. Bukan college pun lagi!!! Even in college ader tolak ansur nya.

Anyway, cut the story short, memang tak de tolak ansur. Maka termaktub lah Nissa as the second last girl in class. Sakit hati tak??? Nissa wasn't at all bothered. She said she scored 97% and 92% for English and Agama respectively. Tak dapat number satu pun tak pe lah, yang penting she did well. That was her stand. I felt sorry for her, but on the other hand, I was proud that my girl stood tall even after being "victimised" in such a manner.

So...itu cerita sekolah kebangsaan. Nak marah lebih-lebih tak boleh. Everyday she still goes to the same class, being taught by the same teacher jugak. So....Mama ni pasrah & redha.

Then last week when I was in Kuala Telemong, another call came from her, telling me that she got first in class at sekolah agama. She was extremely overjoyed and so was Mama. Told her we would celebrate and treat her over the weekend when I got home from my trip.

The real test on me came this morning. I woke up with a horrible headache!!! I felt it coming last night and was hoping it would clear by today. It was so bad, by breakfast I felt like I wanted to knock my head on the wall. Took Actifast and nothing happened. In the end, I resorted to gulping down 2 ponstant and prayed that it would clear, still pening..but the throbbing wasn't as severe.

Ohh...Nissa's treat, what was it? When asked, she said she wanted to go watch Ice Age 3. Okay...that was easy to fulfill and told her we would go watch the movie today. A friend told me that I should go watch in in 3D. When I asked where, he said, "Pavillion". Gosh, that's like in town, jauhhh nya......

Lexus anyone?? At Pavillion Concourse

A promise is a promise lah kan, headache or no headache. By the time we got to Pavillion, my head felt clear a bit. Guess the drugs had begun to take effect. And that Coke I slurped down at lunch finally did the trick, must have been the caffeine. Folks...DO NOT try this crazy act of intoxicating oneself!! I was left with no choice, a real desperate case.

Dah keluar kedai...muka happy je

I'm glad the day turned out well. Nissa loved the movie. Farah wasn't too excited, guess she had passed the Disney phase. But too bad lah, she was dragged along. Her glum face wasn't for long. The retail therapy after the movie made up for the laborious two hours of watching a herd of warm-blooded mammals up against some long lost dinosours.

These must words running on his mind,"Hai...sihat dah tuh...dah boleh masuk keluar kedai!!"

Much too my surprise, my headache had disappeared. ABE, who was concerned over my suffering earlier, was able to sigh relief the moment he saw me heading towards Parkson and TANGS, all geared for RT (shhhyyyy...retail therapy that is..heh..heh).


Kama said...

Kesian Nissa.. tapi takpa, as long as she knows she has done well.

Kesiaaan ABEnya.. mama hilang pening terus pi shopping.. heheheh

Desert Rose said...


Ha ha, RT always do wonders for me too, come what may.

As for Nissa, poor thing. Kat U dulu pun I byk kali kena sit exam kat Lecturer's office, tak dak hal pun.Sebab Mak Cik Migraine tu la punya pasal.Cikgu pun strict tak bertempat lah...

Anonymous said...

You're one cool mom! It's true, memang tak boleh nak marah cikgu..last year my son was hit by a male teacher sampai luka muka..sebab bising..I went to see HM, terpaksa sambil senyum2 dan beristighfar byk2 dlm hati.

Some teachers are frustrated I think, they become teachers not out of choice I guess.

Anonymous said...

That was me before..


edelweiss said...


RT memang hebat...!!! poket pun buleh bocoq tau kaaa? hehehe

tak pa lah...asaikan nissa buat yang terbaik...kadang-kadang [mcm selalu jer!] sekolah nih pelik-2 cara depa ...

desert rose & migrain memang tak dapat dipisahkan sejak dulu kala hahahah

tireless mom said...

Only happens at Pavillion, KLCC and Gardens. I sure bet punya. But only when Abe yang drive.

Poor Nissa, go girl do better next exams. Prove your teacher wrong.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Puteri,

Kids being kids, these things will only bug them for a short while. Dah main-main with friends, they forget. Kita orang tua ni yg tak puas hati memanjang.

Heh...heh..too bad ABE had to tag along coz of my headache. Normally he wouldn't bother. Lepas RT, dia yg penin :D

kay_leeda said...

Desert Rose,

Tu lah, poor Nissa dapat cikgu yg strict giler. Tak pe lah, let it be lah. I pun dah malas nak bising-bising abt this.

Ohh your best friend is Ms Migraine too? Sama boat lah kita.....

kay_leeda said...

Dear Busybody,

It's scary the things you hear about teacher these days. Yg pukul lah, yg abuse lah, yg giler kuasa lah. How to didik anak bangsa like this???

My daughter shared stories her friend told her about the school she goes to in Kota Baru. The friend said the pengetua kanan ....GATALLLL!!! bout that??? Harap kan pagar, pagar makan padi!!!

Kalau iyer pun stress, gi lah makan buah dorian ker, fishing ker...whatever lah kan. Hands off the kids..grrrr

kay_leeda said...

Dear Edelweiss,

Lepas RT, pocket memang will bocor lah. Tu yg headache transfer ke ABE..har har.

Yg I tak puas hati nyer at times, weekdays I ider ler migraine. Come weekend, haa...mula lah dia start!! Macam dengki je kita nak enjoy kan.

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

You know dalam me pressing my temple to defuse the excruciating pain tu, ABE leh suruh give directions. Ishhh...nasib baik tak hangin satu badan. I juz pretended I was dosing off. Haa..tau pulak tu nak menyampaikan ke Pavillion. The ironic thing was, T*B substation kat Pavillion tu DIA yg buat. Lagi mau kata tak tau the way there.

Haa..lepas RT, dia yg dapat headache..heh..heh. Tu lah bluff bluff dunno lagi :D

mamasita said...

Waaah Kay..I must try the RT next time.Sebab if I have a headache, satu benda takleh buat..baring jer and its Bed Theraphy for me.

wanshana said...

I loike RT - the one cure for all sicknesses... Hehehe!

Had a somewhat similar experience with Hanna when we came back from the UK end of 2004. The Final Exams just ended masa tu, but, she was asked to sit for the Standard 3 Papers just before the school holidays as the students were to be streamed for Standard 4. I had to tutor her for 2 weeks to cover the WHOLE Standard 3 syllabus to prepare her for the exams. She did very well, but, came Standard 4 she was put in the last class!

We were perplexed, takkan lah with the results she got dia masuk the last class? Went to see the Senior Assistant and we were told that all new students memang kena masuk the last class! If that was the case why la they asked her to sit for the Exams?!! Grrrrr...

Mana tak mengamuk we all!! Hanna and I were put under a lot of stress the 2 weeks she had to prepare for the exams, and in the end it didn't count?!!!

She was not really a new student, but, rather a returning student, and the school had her record with them. We were away in the UK for a year only. It was demoralizing for her, and she was upset as she expected to be in the same class as most of her friends, and she studied hard for the exams.

We made noise, and she was then put in the second class. We were okay with that, and alhamdulillah she did very well the rest of her primary years :)

Sorry for hogging the space, but, your posting brought back the "bengang" feeling I had then :(

wanshana said...

And, the way, Kay - We saw Ice Age 3 in 3D at GSC One Utma last weekend :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Way to go...RT..RT..RT when the headache comes knocking :D

Ohh...I too hv to golek-golek bila sakit kepala. It was just last weekend, I didn't have the luxury to do so.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Shana,

Moral of the story kan....we got to be in control when dealing with school's funny practices. I hate to go to the school to push for things like this, but if we don't push, no one cares kan.

Nissa's case I lost, coz teacher just didn't want to nego. I felt like writing to the Jabatan. But I wonder how would that implicate the people involved in the school. You know lah, they are so defensive.

Thank God Nissa is not the insecure type. She's walking head high, tak kisah lah number berapa pun she dapat that day. Member selamba je....heh..eheh..THAT TRAIT she got from me!!!

Oh..yar...Ice Age in 3D ada at One Utama?? Haiyaaa....but tak pe lah...memang rezeki nak ronda-ronda kat Pavillion kot..hehe..hehe.