Thursday, January 28, 2016

Walking with Bill - Part 2

Athens is the capital of Greece and is also largest city in the country. It has a recorded history that goes back 3,400 years. Bill, our guide explained that classical Athens was a center for philosophy, art and learning and considered the cradle of Western civilization and democracy. Today, Athens with its 5 million inhabitants is a modern metropolis that is the financial, political, cultural and economic center for the country.

The name of Athens in Ancient Greek was Athenai (pronounced At-he-na). According to Bill the Greeks believed the city was named for its protectress - the goddess Athena. Before our trip I read a fair bit about Greek mythology and its Olympian Gods and also its heroes and monsters. Zeus (king of all the gods), Aphrodite (goddess of beauty and love), Athena (goddess of wisdom and defense), Poseidon (god of the sea) were my favourite reads. 

From the stadium, we walked towards Herodou Attikou St. According to Bill this is one of the most aristocratic thoroughfares in Athens. The street is home to the Presidential Palace and the Maximos Palace which is the official residence of the Prime Minister. 

Herodou Attikou St is lined with orange trees
Residence of the Prime Minister behind those gates

Police wheels near the PM Residence

Greek Presidential Guards

A very unique kind of march

next...changing of guards ceremony

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