Saturday, January 16, 2016

Greece....It's Been A Month

It's been a month since we did our holiday last December. I promised myself that I must blog about our travel this time. There is just so much to share about our adventures, the people we met and the off beaten tracks we took - all that 16 days in Greece!

Yes, we picked Greece as our year end holiday destination.  So...why Greece? Oh well, the travel channels on tv got me influenced, the pictures had me captivated and the history had me all intrigued. Good enough reason to actually go see the real thing, yes?

Of that 16 days in this beautiful country, we were not disappointed. Each place we stopped was memorable and gorgeous. Greece is a country that is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture and delectable food, but it was "some what" affordable.

More stories in other postings. But for now, I shall let some of the pictures do the talking. 

View of the islands in the Aegean Sea

Mount Lycabettus in the center of Athens

Syntagma Square or the Constitution Square is the central square of  Athens.

A corner cafe in Plaka, Athens

Still early...the cafes were empty

Cafes along the stairs are common sights in Athens

Ekklisia Agia Sofia - old church near the Acropolis

Panathenaic Stadium - site of the first modern Olympic games in 1896

Mulberry trees line the streets of Athens

A official residence of the Prime Minister on Herodou Attikou Street (and a very modest one, don't you think so?)

Along the main street in Athens - orange trees are many

The white building - Hotel Grande Bretagne. The structure was built in 1842 as a house for Antonis Dimitriou, a wealthy Greek businessman from the island of Limnos,

Street cafes near the Acropoli Metro station

......and more pictures to come

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