Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Cringe I would when at weddings I get questions like these.

"Ehh...anak you kerja apa ya?"
"Kawin dah anak-anak you?"
"You still staying at the same place? Tak upgrade ke?"

I know at times these are questions of genuine concern due to the long absence, thus I take them open heartedly. Orang tanya cara baik, kita jawap pun cara berhemah. However, it's those posed with sacrastic funny intonations that would dilute your interest on the yummeh nasi minyak and lauk pauk kenduri (and make you wanna spill that sirap bandung on that rm300 per meter Prada lace baju!)

Ohhh...pleaseeeee lah!!

Gone are the days as parents where we dictate what our children MUST become. Yes, we can't help but wish that at least one of them would follow our footsteps. But if they don't want to, and should they suddenly in their 2nd year decide to change major from civil engineering to rehabilitation psychology, kita mak-mak ni bagi restu and pray for their success lah kannn (dan makan hati jap for 2 - 3 days)

To me, what is most important is how wise and savvy the children are at utilizing the resources and knowledge acquired towards their own advantage. After all it's them who are entrusted the responsibilities and to deliver their best. Kerja apa pun lah...kalau minat tu tiada, banyak lah madah berhelah yang akan diberikan. As long as they want to strive their best, we bullet them with all our doas and blessings.

Seriously, I do not understand why people must make that comparison whose anak works where and as what. I hope by now some people know that they should not come close to me and start making such comparisons. I am the worst person as your sparring partner coz there's nothing to compare. Move...go pick on someone else. You won't get that kind of fun with me ;)

Same goes with abode upgrade thingy. Someone from my past life met me at dhuha class and started asking me if I had a new address to report to her. Err...sorry maam I don't and I really hope the fact that I have not bought a-million-or-two-million-ringgit-property will not upset you...heh heh. And I don't really care if half of people from my past life have gotten themselves new sprawling abodes in the more prestigious corner of the city.

I pity orang-orang yang macam ni, really! They take your business as their serious business. And they get genuinely upset when we give no hoots at theirs.

Tapi bak kata pepatah nya, kita jaga tepi kain kita sendiri je lah yea. You are happy, I am happy....let's make this world a happy place, can? So tak mau kecoh-kecoh hal orang lain ya ;)  #remindertomyselftoo


Mama Huptihup Northpole said...

Next time u spill je ke baju prada tu...ckp opppsss sorry...tgk reaksi dia mcmana :)

A.Z. Haida said...

You really have a child who take up rehabilitation psychology???If that is the case - Bravo!!! I'm a mother of 2 special needs children and on behalf of other parents like me, I salute your child's decision because we are in dire need of more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in Malaysia...

Muni Samad said...

In my heart I would say .. I don't give a dang... but I would be with a sweet sweet smile and say.. Ha ah dok rumah yang sama.. tak kuasa nak pindah randah.... :P

mamasita said...

Hai Kay..I am so with you..
Thank you for making the bulk of us commoners yang tak sekaya rasa lega.

Alhamdulillah syukur.

It's right to allow our children to steer their interests.
And if again they have to make changes, let us berganda doa and not stress them further.

For in Allah SWT must we trust their happy future.

kay_leeda said...

Mama Huptihup Northpole,

Hi hi...takutttt nanti I am slapped with a hefty dry cleaning bill :P

kay_leeda said...

Dear A Z Haida,

Salam perkenalan. The example I highlighted is a sharing from a friend's experience. I would not have minded at all if any of my kids want to pursuit psychology or anything along those lines. I took a few classes of psych and found them very interesting. If was just that it wasn't possible to make a switch due to contracts and what not.

Yes...I agree with you. We definitely need more psychologists & psychiatrists here. Even for us normal folks, when stress builds up, a talk with someone who can give good advice in stress management would be really, really helpful.

kay_leeda said...

Salam Mamasita,

We are all His humble servants...regardless of who we are, where we live etc etc. At all times we have to exercise syukur to Almighty with the blessings He has provided us kan. :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Muni Samad,

You lah how some people are....
Yeah don't we know how to hush them *wink*