Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ceaseless Efforts

It's been more than a month since I last posted an entry in Sembang; too long that I now do not know how to initiate my efforts. Lost in my own words, entrapped in my unleashed imaginations. I feel terrible, but time just didn't permit my penning down my thoughts.

The past month was extremely hectic. It was and more work. It was as if other things in my life were paused, and only work was going on fast forward. On the average I must have clocked between 14 – 16 hours in the office daily. My weekends were not spared either. Saturdays felt like Mondays and Sunday was another work day. And if I wasn't physically working, the mind was constantly put to task. It was really crazy, and I am so not proud of it.

The home front was a mess. Laundry kept piling and ironing left untouched. My cleaning was done late in the night after I returned from work. Folks at home had to make do with their own meal arrangements and mine was mostly whatever I could grab on the go. I felt like an overworked machine in an old run down mill. And the situation I was in was not only tearing me apart, but also others in the house.

Busy in the front, but deep down there was so much loneliness. A couple of times, I tried to reach beyond the emptiness and asked myself what's my purpose in life. Am I going to let work rule my life? And simply let others dictate my happiness? Work till I am crippled? Yes, the money is good but the 24/7 work ethic adoption, working tirelessly is certainly not the kind of deal I was game for.

Thank God, there's little calm now. But it won't be long till the storm hits again. And personally speaking, I am tired fronting the strong winds and holding the fort.

The outlook for 2012 will somewhat be similar. The mode is to push towards achieving tremendous accomplishments. And the recipe to this is none other than rigorous schedules, long nights and giving incredible amounts of sheer energy, focus, and time. Everyone will be counting on each other's hard work and commitment to achieve that competitive advantage.

It's time for me to think hard now and question the nuggets of my wisdom. Seek solace and decide the journey to embark, I must.


Anonymous said...

All the best to you dear. I know how you feel.


Chenon Ishak said...

Work - money is not everything ...material things can't buy you happiness n quality of life ..