Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shooting Strays

It all started when I saw a picture of a relative getting married on FB. Well, there was nothing wrong with the ceremony. In fact in my heart I was saying, "Bagus lah....dia pun dah duda lama..."

Ajal, maut, jodoh pertemuan are all in the hands of God Almighty. We can't fight it - not a minute late or early. That's how death is, we believe. And we also believe that it's already written in us who our life partners are and how long would the partnership last. Till death do us part or till "others" split us apart - cliche, but true kan!

Coming back to this relative who got married. Fate had it that he was to lose his wife to the big C. About a year ago, just after Christmas, Kak J succumbed to her sufferings. She died of lung cancer. She was very, very nice lady and I am sure she is missed dearly by her children and other members in the family.

Upon seeing the FB posting, I told Abe about the wedding, even forwarded the picture on BBM. Can't quite recall what was his response. But biasa lah Abe being Abe...benda-benda like this dia tak ambik port sangat. Oh well...that's what I thought.....

That night I threw a question at Nissa. Asked her if I passed on and if her dad wanted to remarry, what would her reaction be. Her reply was, "okay".

Huh??? Lame as it may sound, but okay??? Just plain OKAY??? You mean you wouldn't even going to question who your new mom is, can she scrub bathrooms like I do, would she be able to spot that small stain on the dinner plate and have it cleaned again etc etc. Most importantly are you really, really sure you didn't mind a step mom???

What was earlier an uncomplicated line of questioning has become an I-wanna-hear-my-kind-of-answer type of inquiry. the poor girl was confused. And the dad was some what furious over my picking on Nissa for an answer that was to be music to my own ears. And I was not happy not getting those words from her (perhaps she was also picking on me, who knows!).

Duhh.....just what was wrong with me?? Why was I so "angry bird" like?? Or was it that PMS thingy that is almost due? But then if it was just PMS, I wouldn't have mentioned writing of a will to my sister, would it?

I know...I know I need to go dunk that EPO to keep those straying hormones back in order....sigh.

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Whoa! Yes, purrrlease stop picking on my darling Nissa. Get someone your own size. Grrr..... purrrr....meow!

Anonymous said...

Kay...kesian Nissa...

If I my time is up, I really don't mind if my husband wants to remarry but just hope he waits at least 1 year la.


Kak Teh said...

hahaha! whatssamatter you!! well, I think we all go through this stage inn our life...Kalau i mati dulu you kawin lain tak? And you only want to hear your kind of answer, right?

Naz said...

Ayoyo Kay! Don't want to hear, don't ask lah....senang gitu! :D
Time for RT !

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

There was noone else to sakat, only Nissa was avail. So unfortunate lah...he he. But we are okay now :))

kay_leeda said...

Dear Jah,

Okay lah 1 year tu kan. Guess we dah tak de, so we wouldn't know lah kan....

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

He he he...I was just so stressed. Just had to pick on someone ;)

I guess no matter what is the answer now, when we are actually gone, it may not be the same kan.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Naz,

Just had to ask....try test the calm waters...ha ha...:D