Monday, November 3, 2008

University of Wisconsin - Madison

I spent some time digging out old photo albums over the weekend. Nissa, Bibik and I were in chuckles when we flicked page after page the somewhat faded prints on Kodak paper. Nissa said I looked cute whilst Bibik who didn't want to offend her majikan said, "Ibuk kok masa itu kecil ya." (read: then kurus, now fat lorr). Later this evening, when Farah came back (from her visit to my Mom's), she helped to scan them. Did some photo editing using Photoscape (free tool downloadable on the Internet).

The administrative buiding on the Madison capitol hill

The main library, the main study area had lines of vending machines. Coffee, Snickers, M&M, take your pick. Favourite study place of Melayus doing their PhDs

The clock tower opposite the Social Science Building. A must photo stop site for new Melayus on campus, print fast and then send pics to proud parents back home.

The University Book Store..a place we'd always lepak, bukan sebab nak gi masuk bookstore tu..but sebab nak beli sweet & fresh nectarines from those fruit sellers

Red Gym, built in 1892 was a combination of gymnasium and armory. Also a place for students' registration at the start of the semester.

On the State Capitol area, Farmers' Market took place on Saturdays. Fresh fruits, bakery, honey and pickles...yummss!! And kids simply loved going on the horse carriage rides.

Where I stayed, a small studio unit on the second floor. This place was a real heaven, really quiet. I even slept through a tornado warning, the same tornado that swept the entire town of Barneville.

Collage football games on Saturday...Go Badgers!!

The marching band...roaring the "On, Wisconsin" fight song

The pretty, pretty cheer leaders...

1st down ...did we beat the visiting team?? Can't remember lah..One season Bagders played really well and qualified for the Independence Bowl. All time favourite quarter back was Randy Right.

Check out the pose people...maut!! It was no wonder the guys were calling us till the wee hours.

Ahhhh....the beauties and of course the BRAINS...wasn't easy doing a program in Computer Science in a Big Ten University.

These pictures were taken way back in 1982 - 1983, during my freshman semester at UW - Madison. Hence, that explains the rustic look of some of them. Nonetheless, enjoy I stroll down memory lane.


Kak Teh said...

Wow! semuanya slim-melim! Apa pula kata Pak Malim!

ish kak teh pun tergerak hati nak cari gambar lama, tapi apa pulak kata puteri kama?

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Cari..jangan tak cari!! Meh kita reminisce zaman silau kembali. Sakit perut agak nya si Pak Malim, weekend ni coz at his favourite lepak station, he gulped down juice limau purut.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

amboi amboi amboi! comel2 belaka! nampaknya kama kena pi korek kotak2 berabok cari gambaq lama..hehehe

Muni Samad said...

Oh wow...really reminiscing, aren't we..?

What we had gone through then makes us what we are now in a way..

'Those were the days my friend.. we thought they'd never end...' as the song says..

Waterlily said...

Kay :)

The pose! Gawd the pose! Dulu memang selalu pose maut macam tu bila amik gambar kan? And the hair..i remember, lagi kembang the hair, lagi trendy :D

p/s Love the previous entry on Halloween. Tak sangka ada kenangan disebaliknye :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Aah..the good old days of zaman anak dara and bujang teruna dulu. I must say that those were the best years of my life - belajar (sikit2) sambil main (banyak2)! Thank God for scholarship allowance that allowed us to experience life in negara orang.

In my first couple of years in the UK, I membulat esp masa winter. Sakan makan kentang tiap2 hari since there was no nasi available. We had to live with foster families. Malu lak nak tunjuk gambar! :)

kay_leeda said...

Kak Puteri,

Those days comel lah. Now ni...simpan kucing comel je lah.

Ahh terbawak-bawak gurimdam ode ala-ala di Kak Teh's Choc-a Bloc pulak dah. Gambaq-gambaq lama tu jangan dok simpan saja. Bak mai la tunjuk di blogsphere.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Muni,

Yes, indeed it was a retho weekend for both of us. Must have been the sugar from those Baskin ice-cream.

Steaming into my ears now, Music of the 80s still, Daryl Hall & John Oats, Becoz your kiss...

kay_leeda said...


Tu belum habis maut punyer posing lagi. Ade yang lagi maut..but haiya...cannot lah publish here. Ramai yang jatuh kerusi gasping for air!!

The hair tu..yess...have to make it kembang. A must have was the hair dryer. Siap letak curlers. Tak main lah towel dry macam skarang ni. Those were the days my fren...

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

If I recall how hard I played and how little I studied...ishhh...takut!! God bless managed to come back with the segulung ijazah. If not mau kena suruh kawin dengan the next avail guy in my taman kot. Ohh tidakkk.....

For your info, I was FAT too. Two main culprits - the ice-cream & chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Cantik gambar2 yg Kay paparkan, kata Pak Malim sambil menggoreng ikan. Tapi saya tak pegi universiti, kata Pak Malim sambil naik pedati.

kay_leeda said...

Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim.

Tak pergi university tak apa,
Kadang-kadang yang pergi ni banyak mengada-ngada
Pengalaman lebih penting, buat lebih dewasa
Tak kira lah yang tua atau still muda

Pak Malim ke mana hujung minggu tutup pintu
Dok collect duit kutu ker, kata Kay sambil kunyah keria.

U.Lee said...

Hi Kay, wow! Outstanding! Love the last pic of all the Miss Malaysias, ha ha.
Bet you girls made a lot of male hearts go bodi boop boop, ha ha.
Good pictures Kay....always good to walk down memory lane....
Have fun, best regards, Lee.

kay_leeda said...

Uncle Lee,

Long time no hear. Hope you are OK, not too cold and lonely up in Ontario huh? Heh..heh..

Har har..some Miss Malaysia we were when we first arrived. It was kinda difficult to stay focus on the studies at times, when the guys came a-calling.

Ummi365 said...

wow... those old days.. oh shall i call you kak kay then..

seronok kan korek gambar2 lama. bila tenguk balik, mesti teringat masa tu kitalah yang paling bagus dan cantik kan kan kan.. tapi bila tenguk kali kedua,, eh eh poyonya aku.. that's me lah..hehehe

kay_leeda said...


Can..."kak" also can :)
Wehh...masa zaman muda-muda dulu..perasan kita lah yg vogue dikala itu. Now bila tengok again, alamak..itu kah aku??

Toya, poyo...semua ader lah. U have a good day yah!!

Kak Elle said...

salam muhibbah dr saya di sg..

kalau tengok gambar2 lama mesti senyum lebar kan?

kay_leeda said...

Kak Elle,

Salams kembali, dari Seberang Causeway :)

Heh..heh..lebar amat senyum nya..imbau kembali zaman-zaman lampau.

Thanks for dropping by.
Pss..cantik nama U, orang nyer pun cunss.

tireless mom said...

No wonder posing maut cos masa zaman Univ of Madison years tak pandai buat beads and pakai baju lip lap. Those yg in the pics are like double their size now? That is the price of prosperity

kay_leeda said... more lurking into the GIRLs section these day. Banking on XL, XXL, Q Plus these days. But the bajaj could still fit us in, hence, there is still room to grow. LOL.