Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rain & Mad Chase

I would have wanted to sleep a little longer this morning. Ahh..the extra 30 minutes would have meant a great deal, considering I only managed to doze off at 4.30am. And with the rain pouring outside, being under the covers would be the ultimate pleasure for a sleep deprived soul like me.

Then a text message came in, 10 seconds later another one followed. Ohh..siapa lah pulak pagi-pagi ni dah bak berbalas-balas pantun nih!! Half awake and eyes three quater opened, I read the text message. Ahhh...from my client, and that automatically got my eye balls dialating wider than it was 30 seconds ago. Nothing earth shaking (like sesi "fire mem-fire" ker) in the text, juz a good morning cheer. It was nice of the sender, but adoi lahhh...gue still mauk lenaa!!

I had still wanted to guling-guling on the bed just a while more. Then ABE pulak, pacing up and down, in out in out, pulling one drawer open after the other. Hint..hint...suruh bangkit lah tu..grrrr!!

Then it hit me that he's taking Nissa to renew her passport this morning. Nissa's passport is expiring in March 2009 and we'll be travelling in December. ABE doesn't really fancy going to the Immigrations office, then again who does? Long queues, all imaginable of a beautiful Malaysian would be there. You take a number and there are like 50 people infornt of you!! Sabar je lah...baca je lah paper front to end.

At 7.30am, ABE pulled out his car. I asked bibik where he went. Bibik said, "Tak tau, kata nya nak buat passport Kak Nissa." Ok..ok..BUT, BUT..Nissa is still upstairs enjoying the coolness of the morning pour. Ummmpp...what could be the problem, I wondered, perhaps he has another earlier apt.

Half hour later I heard him coming in. Ahh...nak bawak Nissa lah tu kot, I thought. I was already dressed by then and I hear him mumbling something, "Passport nak expire pulak.." Hah..memang lah nak expire dah passport Nissa tu, that's why gotta get it renewed. He said, "Nissa's yes and Bibik's too!!" Hence, making it not possible to get Bibik's work permit renewed as well. When it rains, it pours.... inside and outside my home this morning.

Ayoooo...the former I know lah how to do. The latter?? Got to go get it done at the Indonesian Embassy lah, which is in the strategic jam place in town!! I don't have the slightest hint on the procedures to go about renewing Bibik's passport. Thank God for Google, I went into the Indonesian Embassy's website and got the info needed. Adoii...banyak gak docs needed.

My schedule is really crazy these next few days. I'm counting on ABE to get the neccesary done. Long story cut short, I can't afford to have Bibik not around, so please please..head on to the Indon Embassy in the next few days, yar ABE :)


Kak Teh said...

kay, i pun ingat nak buat jugak adegan guling-guling atas katil sebelum bangun, but because i slept to early, I didnt do isya and had to wake up early to do it . then woke up to find my youngest son, tercokkoh depan depan, announcing that Obama is now the US president! Wow! Will that make any difference to us?
Britain is considering imposing visa to malaysians travelling to UK - so, if they actually d it, nampaknya malaysian tak dak kerja lain laa but habiskan masa dok queue at foreign embassies.

All the best.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

Good luck with renewing Bibik's passport. Isn't that the job of the maid agency?

Btw, you sekeluarga nak gi cuti mana?

ummi365 said...

kak kay, i had too much of guling2 today sebab the bed is all minekan. and last nite i slept at 8:45, lepas tu uzur.. uhhh.. apa lagi.. zzzzzzz hehehe.

you know what i did for the maid pasport? since i am much in love with my annual leave (to be spent with cik abang), i calculated my daily salary and compare it to the agency fees, it was worth it therefore i leave it to the agency to do it, of course i was without maid the whole day. that has saved me 1 day leave.. terukkan me..

Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Saya nak sambung tido, kata Pak Malim sambil memeluk biawak komodo, sebab
saya takde passport, kata Pak Malim sambil menuju ke Westport.

tireless mom said...


Indonesian embassy's q in the morning is madness. Again a mad chase for you. However, I think they have different counters for Malaysians doing the transaction and Indonesians. It could be pretty fast for you or ABE

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

The news that Obama made it as President - Elect today was another push factor to get going. Never thought the day would come. And when it did, America has a new dawn.

Yes it was in the news here too about visa to the UK and the astounding number of Malaysians who have over stayed. Ramai lah lepas ni jumpa saudara mara sepupu sepapat kat British HC.

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

You see, I got Bibik agent free. She was with an agent previously. Then she went back home. So dissatisfied with ALL the replacement maids, I contacted her again, sent money for her to get docs done in Indon and come back to work with me.

For all the help she has been to us, queue with the Indons pun tak pe lah.

kay_leeda said...


I'm the opposite of you. I have still 3/4 of my annual leave untouched. Plus 2 weeks of carry forward leave from last year, plus replacement leave of the Saturdays and Sundays I had to travel & conduct meetings. Cuma....masa nak cuti je tak de. Schedule pack till early Dec.

A friend told me today that it's actually not that bad at the Indon Embassy. They actually treat maids yg come with the Majikans better. Plus it would make Bibik proud to go there with her wonderful Bapak. I can almost imagine her bragging about it to people there.

kay_leeda said...

Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Dah almost subuh ni Pak Malim, buat apa nak tepuk bantal lagi, ayuh kita solat dan senaman pagi. Kay kan pernah kata pada Pak Malim, yang pakai baju cantik di kelim, cepat-cepat buat passport, tunggu lama-lama nanti kerepot, tak boleh dah naik kereta spot ke airport.

kay_leeda said...


I shall let ABE mencemar duli & darah Sonanti eh, to go to the Indon Embassy. He so ketaq that he'd meet all the "pecah rumahs" there. I told him, this is the time to get up close and personal with the hardcores.

Actually it's easy lah getting the passport renewed, just have to endure the crowd. And THAT is something I want him to experience. Ader gak lah citer-citer interesting other than the "falling tower" stories.

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Where are we going in Dec?? Heh..heh..tungguuuu, the official posting on it will make its way to blogger land in a few weeks time :-)

MrsNordin said...

I think it's not that bad. MrNordin went with our maid to renew her passport last time. Half a day je. Tapi kat Embassy tu you tau je lah orang Indon... tak larat nak tengok! There'll be many of them trying to offer to do the job for you (for a fee), tapi jangan layan.

I think, he went with her and left her there to queue up. Lepas tu datang balik ambil dia once it's all done.

kay_leeda said...


I think the passport renewal process will be ok. After all, it is the EMBASSY, how funny can things get when the Ambassador could just be in the end of the hallway.

Apa-apa pun, we'll be hearing Bibik's stories after this. ABE is has agreed to take her tomorrow morning...phew!!!