Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday NISSA.

Nissa, my youngest turned 6 today. Not much of a celebration today as she had her birthday do in school last Friday.

Birthdays are so different these days. I remember one birthday party I had. Couldn’t really remember how old I was. I invited some school friends and also children from the neighborhood. Mom made fried noodles and some sandwiches. She also baked me a cake. It was a plain butter cake…smelling so fresh when it was put at the centre of the table. I shared it with the children who came. After the cake, we continued playing “catch” outside the house. When we got thirsty, we would go back into the house and drink up the orange cordial drink that Mom had made earlier. There seemed never enough drinks for all the thirsty rascals.

I don't believe in lavish birthday dos. So..that's how it was with Nissa's party....a simple and nice one. I figured since it will be her last birthday before she attends primary school, it would be good to have it at the kindergarten.

It was quite a challenge to figure out what would be fun and enjoyable for the children to have. Finally I came up with my packs, candies, chocolates and balloons. I packed some party packs for the children and in them there went the candies and chocolates and balloons. And I was pretty sure the children would love this.

I decided to try out something different with the cake. Instead of the usual Disney or number shaped cake, I decided to get cup cakes for Nissa to share with her friends at school. The cup cakes came in blueberry and chocolate flavors. The exciting thing about these cup cakes was the way they were decorated and colored. All 50 cup cakes had interesting and colorful cream and patterns on them. This would be the first time I am trying this out. I really hoped the children would like it.

Unfortunately, I could not be with her at her school to celebrate with her. I also couldn’t see the expressions of the children when they saw the cup cakes. According to Farah, my second girl, the children took instantly to the cup cakes as they were very colorful and attractive. She called me at work later that day to thank me for the birthday do and told me how happy she was.

Colorful cuppies indulgence....... yummyyyyy :D

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aliah_may17 said...

bestnyer sambut beday in school..
ada lagi x cupcakes 2??
nak rasa ckit..
mesti sedapkan??