Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Already!

Hi folks.

It's already April. What happened to the 1st quarter of the year? It's like playing football, isn't it? You race up and down the field and before you know it time is up and game's over. Some analogy this is eh? ;)

Stories of my Greek soujorn has not much progressed. Keep promising myself that I'll get it done one of these days. Yes...fingers crossed on that "one of these days" promise. Surprisingly enough there are still folks out there who follow my stories. Once in a while I'd receive emails asking me to continue writing. Hi hi...kinda cool, isn't it? So for you out there who still follow me on Sembang, okay....I will somehow try and complete my Greek travel stories yah!

So drop by. Let's see where we are heading to next ;)

Quoting Homer in The Odyssey 
“There is no greater fame for a man than that which he wins with his footwork or the skill of his hands.”

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