Thursday, February 4, 2016

Walking with Bill - Part 5 The Off Beaten Track Up The Acropolis

I guess only the locals would be able to negotiate the small streets in Athens and not get lost in the elaborate maze like area. Bill said there are many ways to go up this most popular site in Athens. Tourists by the throngs would take the guided tour routes. He however was going to take us on the off beaten track to the sacred hills. It was a bit exhaustive on the knees the climb was but it was so well worth it.

We walked pass local Athenian houses that were built on the steep hill going up to the Acropolis
White washed & blue houses
The climb along the small streets

As we arrived up the hill....and our route down to Plaka

Surprisingly there are many cactus plants in Athens

Greek Orthodox Church at the base of the Acropolis

Greek Orthodox Church at the base of the Acropolis. Many Orthodox churches sport this style of design

Another view of the church

  A beautiful path through some trees before you begin the ascent to the Acropolis.

And finally we were almost at the top

A beautiful site...indeed
When you are up there you can see the whole of Athens from every direction.
It is really like a concrete jungle as far as the eye can see.
US on the Acropolis Hill

Them...bumming & shooting the Acropolis

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