Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trivia Tuesday #1 - Van Gogh Museum

We are ardent fans of art galleries and museums. When we travel, we try to make a point to visit one or two famous ones around. 

I find museums very intriguing; a place where you can see things you have never seen before and these things hold a lot of history in them. They also tell you about the about the country and its people and culture too. 

Some museums and art galleries allow photography as long as it is done without the flash. However, there are many that prohibit any form of photo taking and video recording. 

During my recent trip to Amsterdam, I visited the Van Gogh Museum - an art museum in Amsterdam dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. It is located at the Museum Square. 

Before going I had checked online if photography was allowed. There was nothing official on its website but some forums have reported that it is allowed to snap pictures in the museum as long as you take extra caution on the usage of the camera flash. 

Excited to see great masterpieces of Van Gogh, I was all set with my cameras. I went in happily snapping away - one picture after the other whilst being extra cautious with my flash function. Unfortunately, after a couple of captures of the paintings, the museum officials came to me and informed me that photography is not allowed in the museum. I was disappointed of course! 

Vincent Willem van Gogh the Post-Impressionist painter

However, I did manage to snap some before the warning. I guess those will suffice to help me remember the greatness of Van Gogh's works. 

And here are some of them.....

3 in a row of Van Gogh's flower paintings

The Iris

The almond blossom



mamasita said...

Whatever you sempat snap,we should all thank you.
Great photos!

Rosilawati Mahmud said...

Lovely piece. Thanks for sharing your stories. Love reading them :-)

Lee said...

Hello Kay, it is really nice to learn you enjoy visiting the places you mentioned. Good for you...art and history is meant not only to be appreciated, but also in knowledge.
Have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.