Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Semanis Senyum

I noticed this during my morning walk – very few of us like to smile! Aishhh....why larr?? It's like 7.15 in the morning and you see the familiar faces passing each other at brisk walk along the routine track. A new day dawns and we are not happy and cheerful? God has given us another 24hours to be on his earth and we are still wanna “sentap”? New future beckons, more opportunities waiting so senyum lah sikit...... 

Trust me I have tried smiling at others whom I passed during my walk. Tapi kenapa the response that I get doesn't seem so encouraging. Most of them don't bother smiling back. Some turned and looked else where. And many yang couples tu would definitely look at me as if they were ready to bite if their spouse returned that smile. Errr...kak...I have so much on my mind - work deadlines, 3 days of unsettled laundry, routes to take so that I could avoid the rush hour traffic jams, so menggedik is so, so not in my list ya! 

Bila teringat semula pesan ustazah masa sekolah dulu yang “senyum itu adalah sedekah” termanggu seketika dibuatnya. Tapi itulah senarionya di lake near my home that I frequent every morning. 

A few weeks back, however, when I climbed Bukit Gasing in PJ the “air” was a lot different. Fellow climbers, brisk walkers and runners there had a more cheerful look. Never mind if I wasn't a familiar face - my first time actually venturing the hill tracks, the trackers that passed by me wished me with a friendly “good morning” sweetened with lovely smiles!!

Bukit Gasing track...not an easy climb for 1st timers

Forestation at Bukit Gasing

The upshot from that - I felt so welcome, embraced by the warmth, motivated and inspired to venture the challenging track. It simply puzzles me though – napa eh...my own color, my fellow qariah mates (I think so larr..) have an indifferent advent towards such harmless advances. 


Mungkin lepas ni kena dengar selalu lagu M. Daud Kilau kot....♫ ♬ senyum lah senyum lahhh...wahai Cek Mek Molek....♫ ♬ and boleh give that famous Cik Mona's smile :) :) :)

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Which lake is this? My Mama nowadays frequent a certain lake near Kepong, many smiling people there. Jommmm, she said. purrrr....meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

It's the big lake near the mosque larr. Ohh got lots of friendly smiling folks near your place? Must go must go one day :)

Happy New Year Mommy Angie. Hope it's not too late to wish you still :)