Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Long, Long Trip

It's like a dream this is. But it is true. I'm in Dallas! Arrived here late yesterday evening after traveling almost a day on the flight here.

I'm elated, yessss....very happy to be back in the States after my last trip here in 1998. It's been a longggg while. Am here for a certification program in Change Management. Kinda looking forward to doing some "going back to school" stuffs for the next couple of days.

Have been awake since 3am. Jet lagged, missing folks at home, a different sleeping partner with different sounds....u name it, I'm suffering them all.

The local time is already 7.30am. Think I'll hit the shower since trying to doze off is totally not working.

Will try and update more stories if my schedule permits.


ummisara said...

wahhhh best nya kak kay! terus i teringat DALLAS - jr, bobby, sue ellen, pam etc hehehheh


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Dallas? Five hours away from Houston....tempat Mama kita berkelana many many many moons ago! Kirim salam pada the Ewings. purrr....meow!