Monday, October 15, 2012

Blackout Bakes

In 10minutes my cake should have been ready. Then all of the sudden, the lights went out. We thought it was just our home. A peek out the window not long afterwards affirmed that the entire area was affected.

Nissa was in the kitchen - going back and forth to the oven, checking anxiously on the cake. She's so hyper these days and her occasional sugar crave can drive me up the wall at times. Nak Cool Blog lah, nak Slurpee lah. Tonite she asked me to bake a cake.

When the lights suddenly went off, she jumped like a grasshopper around the kitchen, shrieking as if she saw ghost. Ingatkan kenapa je budak ni terlompat-lompat macam makan belacan! Ohhh rupa-rupanya ada orang ketakutan...cheh badan je besar! 

Facebook-ing in the dark....bad, bad for the eyes!!

Anyway, power only came back after about 45mins of sweating in the dark. And my cake?? Would it survive? 

Well, it did!! When power came back, I added another 10mins to the baking time. And the cake turned out great.

I was lucky, that's for sure :)

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Dah berzaman my Mama didn't bake any cake for me....deprived tau! Purrrlease adopt me..... purrr....meow!