Thursday, August 30, 2012

Samsung Territory

To my right in our hotel room in downtown Seoul is a Samsung fridge. Next to it is a Samsung phone. The 54" flat screen is also a Samsung. The air condition is of the same make too. Yes, I am in Samsung territory. Saw an advert on tv of the new Galaxy Tab 10.1; "How to be CREATIVE" is its tagline. I am now so tempted to go check it out.

Everything is so high tech here. It's either push button or touch screen. There is no more doubting in Korean technology. This has been my evaluation of Seoul for the first half of the day today.

We arrived early this morning. Our flight came in via Incheon Airport. From the airport we took the commuter train into the city - the easiest and cheapest way to move around. To my surprise many of the locals are able to speak English; making asking for directions pretty much a relief. Better than in Japan, in fact!

Unfortunately, it's been raining since the time we arrived. Had to scale down our tour plans. There hasn't been much sight seeing yet. But if there's any consolation to that, we have discovered 3 underground shopping areas located near our hotel! Hu hu hu....that is so not good kann *wink*wink*

Am praying for better weather tomorrow. Rain, rain please go away for I really wanna keep away from the shops....heh heh :)

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