Thursday, April 28, 2011

NO Thanks

It is almost hopeless trying to keep the eyes opened – even for another extra hour to do some blogging or reading these days. By the time I finished putting away the dishes and have the kitchen sweet smelling from the scent of Lysol, after mopping away the grease and spills from earlier dinner preparations, I’m almost ready to drop flat.

I can’t call the day off yet, however. There’s Nissa’s next day school attire to press and laundry to fold. (why can’t the kids just go off in normal day clothes???) Ohhhh….housework – it is just never ending.

That has been the story of my life for the past week since the disappearance of the maid. I am extremely exhausted from these after office hours extra laborious assignment of a home consultant.

Sometimes I wonder – why did the maid run away? Was it due to all the hard labour she had to carry out or was it due to external influence (read: boyfriend, lover, or more pay) that made her not look back that day when she left.

Last weekend, when both Abe and I resumed the role as cleaners we discovered that the maid was not worthy as we saw her. After running a quick inspection of the house, we discovered the short cuts she’d been taking. Her job was shoddy – kids rooms were not cleaned as how she was instructed to do so. Dust accumulated under the beds, behind the closet areas and in places where were not visible to the eyes.

I was extremely upset with the discovery. It was not like there was so much to do in our house. We do not have little children and we are out most of the time and on weekends.

So the question was – what has she been up too all this time??

As I recall the many days when she was home alone - during weekends, during our vacations, and we thought she was resting and recuperating for the hard work, I wonder now what really went on in the house. I shudder at the thoughts that she could have been up to no good right under our nose!! Nauzubillah….

So…it is somewhat good riddance that the maid’s gone. My back aches like crazy now from all chores I take up. But…..the mind is crystal clear and there is none what so ever remorse feeling inside about not having her in the house.

So what, now that she’s gone……life goes on. Coffee is still brewing, laundry is still done, clothes are still neatly pressed, dishes are all well kept and the house is still clean, perhaps cleaner than before!! I going to look for a replacement at this point in time? With a going rate of almost 8k in agency fees, plus no warrantees that they will stay and undertake the job with honesty and integrity, no kidding lah.....I don't need one, no thanks!!

Well, maybe later...but for now - NO.


edelweiss said...

join the club kak kay :)

ya mari tubuhkan persatuan ibu cum bibik cum etc!! heheh

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that this has happened to u. Mine ran away 2 months ago and I am still on a wait list for a new maid.

Nowadays depa think that they can do whatever they like and at times demand it.... kalau tak dapat terus lari.

Of course like u, I also found out the corners that was cut..... at times rasa nak berenti kerja ajer and just be the house manager instead of being everything!!!!! grrrrrrrrr

ANyway, take care dear.