Friday, February 18, 2011

BeriBeri BiBiks

“Triii……ini ada balas nya mesej kamuuu!!!”

That shrieking, high pitched crackle really did it this time. I had managed to ignore the unbecoming annoyance since morning when I started my work. But this last shrills really struck my anger octave.

My maid Lastri was busy catching up with her morning chores at the back area of our home. The easy access to passers by had obviously made her very popular with the other maids in the neighbourhood. I was later informed that the call had come from one of her best friends. The immediate concern was - how many friends does she have?

I raced upstairs to get a better look at what’s happening at the area behind my house. By then, I could hear voices; and it seemed like there was already a congregation of domestic helpers, intrigued by the earlier uproar.

The excited crowd gathered around Lastri and they fussed over something which looked like a handphone from afar. I later shifted my radar eyes on the other maids, wondering what could possibly be in their possession.

All sweaty from my cat and mouse lurking conduct, I decided to get to the bottom of things pronto – after all Lastri is my maid, and I have the right to know what she was up too. Raced downstairs and I went straight to where everyone was.

My coming into sight caught the group by surprise. There was silence….each one turned towards me and me to them…..or rather what they had in their possession. Hahhhhh….and guess what I saw???

Each maid had in their possession a gleaming Blackberry!!! What the #$$%&@#$%%^????

And then Lastri prompted me a question, “Nomor pin Ibuk apa ya??”

“Wahhhh….kamu SEMUA ada BB?”

“Iya…Ibuk bikin komunikasi sama keluarga di kampong senang.”

I suddenly felt blood rushed to my face, I see bright lights all around me. And vision of these maids aggressively approaching me for my BB pin number made me gasp for air, my breathing became difficult…..

Then there was silence again……

Suddenly I hear the calling of the Azan. Where was I?? Where were all the bibiks?? Pin number?? What pin number???

Urghhhhh……it was a dream rupanya!!! It sounds kinda slapstick but WHAT a scare it was!!!

Tu lah…tidur lagi time dekat-dekat nak maghrib.......kan dah!!!


Naz said...

OK you got me there!
Ya ya lah I ingatkan maids kat Msia now dah aman makmur. Almaklum gaji makin tinggi .. LOL

mamasita said...

I betul2 ingat the bibiks ada BB..and I taktahu nak pakai BB..I was like saying, eee malunya aku!!
Mujur you mimpi..otherwise I taknak gi area you dah!

kay_leeda said...


Lepas ni bibik-bibik boleh lah pakai BB. They have sepakat asking for minimum wage of rm600 per month. Haaahhh...mewah tak mewah bibik lepas ni!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasite,

BB is just another phone lah. Mula-mula janggal sikit nak guna. But you'll get the hang after a while.

Fuhhh...kalu bibik-bibik ada BB, tak buat kerja la jadik nay!!!

Pi Bani said...

Kes parah lah you ni Kay. BB & bibiks pun boleh masuk mimpi...

tireless mom said...

If the bibiks can operate Astro Beyond, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner and handphones, no brainer for bbs. Enteng saja ibuk. Lagipun bil nya tidak mahal, ada pre paid bb kan sekarang.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

saya masih pakai hp cokia sebab takut nak pakai yang canggih manggih, tak pandai operate.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Tidur di siang hari? tsk tsk tsk... Lain kali mimpikan Angelina sudahlah....purrr.....meow!

Aida Marie said...

So funny. You ni memang BB-holic.