Thursday, June 25, 2009

Retail Rewards

Madinah wasn’t just all tears for us. Madinah is a vibrant and colorful city, and Madinah is also a place where one could shop, Ummmpppp….shopping??

My late grandmother often cautioned us about what we say or do prior to trip to the Holy Land. According to her, many times the opposite would happen.

When I was budgeting our expenses, I said to myself, this Umrah trip would be one trip where I wasn’t going to shop...heh...heh. Macamlah tak tau perangai diri sendiri kan, shopping tu dah macam second nature. So obviously when I said “no shopping”, it went without saying that the two words did not take much effect.

That morning after our ziarah, Mom gave the green light to go do some shopping. She said we would not have much time to gallavant the shops in Madinah. So whatever we needed to get, we'd better get them right away. Not that I needed her approval, but with her blessings, both Farah and I felt as if we were on cloud nine.

Penat juga walking around in the intense Madinah summer heat. From Taiba centre to the outlets in Movenpick, berpeluh!!! From cotton materials to abaya to little items for friends to little trinkets, we just couln't leave them aside.

This posting is a short one as I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of Mom & Daughter in action.

The Bodyshop outlet

An operator, about to open business for the day

Farah infront of the bin Dawood outlet

Check out what's in the plastic bags :)

Cotton heaven....had a tough time choosing the ones we liked because we liked ALL of them.

All smiles...coz mission accomplished


jabishah said...

Hi Kak Kay...

Wow! Bestnye. I was like nak tercabut biji mata tgk those fabrics. Cotton? All cotton?? Nowadays, pantang ada kedai kain pasti ku singgah.

Oh yes, HB will be in Jakarta nx week. I nak suruh belikan kain. Is there any textile store near Hotel Mulia, Sendayan? Dia teramatlah malasnya nak pergi jauh2. Asik2 beli HRC t-shirts.

Naz said...

Alamak Kay! syoknya. Have to catch your previous post now.

kay_leeda said...


Yup..that row of materials in the background are all cotton, mostly were cotton satin. Nak tergolek Farah & I. This was the place I used to go masa buat Haj. Hotel kat atas and kedai kat bawah...just imagine how I had to jaga iman yg senipis bawang ni :)

Jakarta upppmmm...there is this shop in Tanah Abang that I go to. Busymom101 did a posting in one of her posts Don't knw if yr HB fancies Tanah Abang, but I think kalu u gi, sure jadi macam I, tergolek...pengsan :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Naz,

Bab-bab shopping I likeeee....
There are more stories to come. So in the mean time, feel free to catch up with the earlier ones yah :)

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

akak dah nak tergolek tengok rows of cotton tu......cantik nya....ada ke beli semeter dua tu....

Laracroft74 said...

the pic of Body Shop and small kedai tu looks so familiar..macam pernah ku lalu di depan sana..hehehe.. that kedai tu depan Movenpick Hotelkan..

you know what..i did tell myself before we leave for Umrah that this trip is not a shopping trip and my intention is to perform Umrah.. so when i was there, tak ada rasa langsung mood nak shopping.. nampak kedai, just lalu and tengok2 jer but like not interested to buy anything... Habis sembahyang tau nak balik hotel cepat2 to have lunch/breakfast, then nak rest kejap.. End of the trip memang tak beli banyak barang pun.. adala sikit for souvenir.. janji ada..maybe coz dah niat tak nak shopping kot..

Desert Rose said...


Jgn tatau I soppin make-up MAC kat Ben Dawood Madinah tu, sempat lagi, pompuan, pompuan. Seb baik tak tersinggah kedai kain, jeling2 sambil istigfar je

Ummi365 said...

wohoho.. what is that i am seeing..cotton? cotton? alahai.. yang kat rumah pun tak buat lagi.. apa nak jadi ngan perempuan macam kita ni kak kay..hehehe

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

In both Makkah & Madinah ada banyak tempat yang boleh membuatkan kita tergolek and duit bergolek-golek. Sabar je lah...

kay_leeda said...


So good girl you are. I pasang gak niat tak mau shop, but...haiya tersasar niat ku itu. Anyway ade improvements, coz the shopping wasn't as crazy as buat Haj. Maybe coz time limited kot.

Yes, Bodyshop outlet tu kat luar Movenpick :) Kita beberapa kali dok lalu lalang nak usha kedai kain tu :)

kay_leeda said...

Desert Rose,

Memang berhantu kan si Ben Dawood tu. Lepas asar gi then revisit after isyak. Farah fell in love with biskut Digestive from Ben Dawood. Hangkut bawak balik nak bagi abang & adik nyer makan :)

kay_leeda said...


If ader lah hukum kena zakat kan kain, memang I hv to head my way to the pay my dues...Beli dulu and then baru fikir nak buat apa :)

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